Friday, January 22, 2010

Please Be Mine . . .

Today I have been going through boxes and boxes of family pictures and family items that have needed some of my attention.  I promised to post some pictures of some old Valentines that were my fathers when he was a child, and here they are, this is just a few of them! 

This first one is so cute! On the back it says, "To Byron from June".  This one is in pristine condition, looks like I just took it out of the package.

This is one of my favorite - this little man does sit-ups!  There is a little metal piece that allows him to go back and forth, his neck is bent because of doing so many sit-ups!  On the back it says, to Byron from Miss Huskinson - must have been his teacher.

This Valentine was homemade - it's so quaint and adorable!  It says, "This letter was brought to you for you peekin' around the corner as you do."  To Byron from Bessie, is on the back.

These two are precious!  I am betting that Mary and Melva were either twins or sisters, the cards are so similar and both homemade.  The first one says, "Of course you may be bashful, but think how much it would please me if you would be my Valentine."  The second one says, "Look in the mirror and you will see the only one in the world for me."  Notice the date on the first one . . . 1931, my dad would have been about 8 years old when he got this Valentine.

This is my very favorite - it is in perfect condition.  But the thing that makes it my favorite is the fact that it is from my father's sister.  She is still living, she is in her 90's but still going strong.  I am going to send her a copy of the Valentine for Valentines Day, I know she will love it.  The writing says, "To Byron, lots of love, Oneta, xo xo xo xo, Byron and his girl, Ha Ha Ha."

I'm not sure how I got so lucky as to get to be the recipient of these little treasures, but I'm sure glad that I am!  They really made my day today.  My father died right before he turned sixty, in fact, we buried him on his sixtieth birthday.  He would be 87 today - I have always felt like God took him a little too soon - but that's selfish, isn't it, his time was simply up and God called him home . . . I can't wait to see him again.  Goodnight and sweet "Valentine" dreams.



  1. Oh what a wonderful collection you have there! And I'm so glad that you ended up with all these things. Since you obviously value them and will take care of them, to be passed on.

    That is so heartwarming. It is.

  2. I love those! I have always loved looking at my Mom's Valentines that she inherited, too. They are so creative and cute!

  3. I have been looking at my collection of valentines from Dad. I love them. Years ago I put them in acid free pages and then in a binder I made. I have always taken them out this time of year and enjoyed them all by myself and then I share them with my children and let them look at them. I show the grandkids but don't let them touch them yet. I am selfish. I need to have you teach me how to scan them in and get them on my blog. Thank you for sharing. I miss dad also. Love you.

  4. Hi - I popped over from Aunt Amelia's blog. I see we read a couple of the same blogs. (Also, I live in Idaho, too.) Love what I've seen of your blog. Those Valentine's cards are adorable. What a wonderful treasure.

  5. That was such a cute post. I love looking at those old Valentines. It just makes it so much more special to know whose they were. Thanks for sharing. I love you lots!


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