Friday, September 11, 2009

Always Rembmer . . .

Always Remember . . .

On September 11th, I remember watching the destruction on the news and thinking to myself that it must the the end of the world! It was confusing to say the least . . . no one knew for sure what had happened and you could feel the terror in the newscasters voices. This is a day I will never forget - I pray that we will always remember, that we will always strive for freedom, that we will always be a free country. Today, fly your flag with pride and honor. God bless America.

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  1. I remember this day so well too!! I remember having to go to work after you told me what happened. On that day Frank vandersloot did something very honorable...he sent EVERYONE home to have a moment of silence and to check on any of their family members. I will always remember the horror I felt and the sinking feeling in my stomach. I still get that feeling when they replay coverage on the news!! I hope we will always remember!! I know I will!


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