Tuesday, September 8, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things!

Averi - all snuggled in

I've been babysitting Amber's kids while her and James went on a cruise. They have been here 5 days and I will have them another 5. Except, Jessica is taking Taylor Jo for a few days - Let me tell you, I am really out of shape! I forgot how much work kids were! Blind children pose a special problem, they get bored! But Averi is so special and cute, all I have to do is ask her to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or Peter Piper and we can go all day! Don't get me wrong, I love every minute of being with them, but these two pictures are worth a thousand words to grandma's everywhere!

I can remember staying at my grandma Howard's house, I loved the way the sheets smelled - of course, fresh off of the line. I loved how grandma would pull down the shade - just to where the window opened, and how the white sheer curtains on the window would sway in and out with the breeze. I purposely have white sheer curtains and pull down blinds on my guest room widows - just so my little grand kids can get a taste of my childhood. I hope they remember . . But most of all, I hope they remember how much they are loved.

Taylor Jo - it didn't take long . . .

Christian goes to bed about the same time we do, so I couldn't get a picture of him - I don't think he'd like that anyway - because he is 10, and practically grown up!

Well, I think I will be off to bed - on top of everything, I've come down with a bad cold! It will be hot cinnamon tea and toast in the morning for me - goodnight all.


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Karen Beth said...

Oh, I love that. You are so right about the memories at Grandma's. Those memories are so good. I had Kyle Sunday and Monday and then I tended Jacob Tuesday while Valerie cleaned her apartment. I am very sore this morning. Of course, it could be that we moved Val and Joe Saturday and I tended the kids for that. I am totally out of shape. I am sorry you have a cold. Can I do anything? Enjoy the sweet ones. Love you.