Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Going Back in Time . . .

I decided that since it's been such a long time in between posts, that I needed to go back in time to catch up.

For our 43rd wedding anniversary, which was in April, we decided to go to Mount Rushmore. Neither of  us had ever been there and it was a trip that was on my bucket list.  So here goes . . .

My first thought as we started into Wyoming, was how much snow they still had in the middle of April, it was crazy!  They still have lots of snow in the mountains, and it's the middle of June!

We saw these funny, furry little Mountain Goats along the road.  Aren't they funny looking . . . beautiful, but still a bit awkward looking and funny?!  I think they were just happy to find something green to munch on.

It was a long trip through Wyoming, if you have been there you will know what I mean.  Some parts are just gorgeous, and others are just sagebrush and rock, which by the way, I find beautiful.  When we got to Muddy Gap, Wyoming, we stopped to get gas, (it was like putting gold in the tank), and I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this . . . motel.  Now, don't get me wrong, if you have ever been to, Muddy Gap in the winter, I'm quite sure that this motel would have looked like, The Ritz, if you were stranded on the road with nowhere to stay.  I thought it was funny, and sent a picture to my family and friends, telling them that this was the best we could do the first night!  Some of them even fell for it!

I love traveling and love to take photos of things that I find interesting, and I thought that this highway was very interesting!  The road was red!  The rock in that area was very red, and I'm sure that's what was put over the tar on the road - I loved it!  It felt like we were driving on a very smooth, beautiful dirt road!

Right before you get to, Mount Rushmore, you can stop at, Crazy Horse Monument, it was an amazing place!  I could just go on and on about all of the good things that they have done for the American Indians in that area of South Dakota!  It was raining when we got there so we didn't go up to the monument, but it was just an amazing place to visit.  This beautiful monument won't be done in my lifetime, but it will be gorgeous when it is finished!  You can see where they have painted on the rock where the horses head will be when it is finished.

This is what it will look like when it's completed...just beautiful!

Then we were off to, Mount Rushmore . . . it was beautiful!  It wasn't as big as I thought it would be, but way more beautiful and awe-inspiring than I could ever imagine!  I was actually overcome by it's beauty and had to wipe away tears a few times.

The next photo is one of my favorite, because it's so unexpected.  You can see this, only as you are leaving the monument site.

I will leave you with one of my favorite displays at the museum . . . 

"I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to 
keep on doing so until the end."
 ~Abraham Lincoln~

A very good motto to live by, and a very good place to end . . . until next time.



  1. Loved this blog. I too, would love to go to Mt. Rushmore, but if or until that ever happens, I enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. - THANKS!

  2. Wow! I have never been there but definitely want to go now....if only to stay in that Motel!
    Beautiful photos and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

  3. Great pictures! We loved Mount Rushmore and especially the walk around the front of the mountain. So many different views on that pathway!

  4. Hi Barb - what a fund trip! I have also always wanted to go to Mount Rushmore. It's on my "bucket list" too! Great pictures of a fun and inspirational trip. I am not in "blog land" very much, but love to read your updates when I am. We are moving to Utah next month, so if you are ever down that way, let me know and we will get together for lunch! Until next time!

  5. oh Barb what a great trip!!! I've also always wanted to visit Mount Rushmore. When our family was young we took our vacations during spring break which was always the first week of April. Mount Rushmore was never open that early due to the long winter so we never went. You have inspired me to go. Boy they have a long way to go to finish up the Indian sculpture, maybe by the time we eventually get over there it will be done haha - hopefully sooner than that! Happy Anniversary !!

  6. How interesting...I always thought that Mt Rushmore was huge. I am not surprised that you found it moving and wonderful. That red highway is something else and the you say, a possible port in a storm. Those goats have odd eyes. Very.

  7. Barb, I've never been to Mt Rushmore. Your trip sounds wonderful though I don't think I'd want to stay at that tiny motel! Love that last picture of George Washington. He looks so regal, doesn't he!

  8. Oh, what a fun adventure you had on this one. I love that you went there. I haven't ever been to Mt. Rushmore but hope to someday. I loved all the photos you took. The little goats are strange looking ones. The Red highway was very different and beautiful. Wow, the Crazy Horse Monument will be awesome when it is completed. Is there a completion date?? Mt. Rushmore is so unique and I loved the last shot you got.
    I must admit that hotel looks like a interesting one. I love it when you see such fun things. Happy Belated Anniversary to you two. We love you much~ Hugs~

  9. Hi Barb, I'm way behind on commenting on blogs, due in part to an old laptop and now a new one that is cranky and needs to be taken back to find out what is going on with it.
    I really enjoyed seeing your photos. We've never been to Mt Rushmore but hope to get there some day. It is amazing to me that these were carved so perfectly from the rock. I love the red highway, too. There is so much to see in this beautiful country and I know I won't get to see everything I'd like to and that's why blogs are so much fun. I see so many beautiful photos like yours that makes me feel almost like I've been there. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! And a belated Happy Anniversary! Hugs, Cheryl

  10. First time I am seeing a road which is red.

  11. Oh Barb, It's been ages since I've looked at ANY blogs, including my OWN. But I just clicked through to yours tonight and loved reading several of your most recent posts. I got teary reading your words about Christian and the sweet little boy he was, and how tender that time was that you spent with him and Taylor while Averi was in the hospital all those months. And now he's GRADUATED?!?! It's really crazy how quickly time flies and moves us along to new places and thoughts. But our memories can be such treasures. I certainly have sweet memories in your home with your family. I love you and love your beautiful writing and pictures. Thanks for sharing!
    love, Kamber


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