Friday, January 12, 2018

January Days . . .

I don't know about you, but these January days can seem very long.  Today, we had to run to town to get some shower cleaner, and ended up taking a day trip...not sure how that happened!

It does look dreary, but I promise, when we left the sun was shining!  Up in the Swan Valley and the Palisades area, it seems like there is always fog that settles into the valley and stays all winter.  You can see on the mountain where the fog lifted this afternoon and left the pine trees all covered in frost!

The reservoir was really as high as I have seen it in at least 20 years.  Until last year, we had many years with little snowfall and it just never filled up to capacity.  This year there is very little snow near Palisades, although they say that there is enough to keep it full for the next growing season...let's hope that the nearby mountains,  that also feed into Palisades,  have heavy snowfall this year. 

On our way home, we drove past Ririe Reservoir, I didn't get a photo, but,  you would usually see people ice fishing on the reservoir this time of year, today, there wasn't any ice on the reservoir.  The same with Palisades, no ice whatsoever!  We've had a very warm winter.

We did see a few deer, which didn't surprise me, they always stay near Ririe Reservoir and feed on the nearby grain fields.  They were a long ways away, but I could tell that they were fat and happy!

You can see how the fields are already turning green - and hardly any snow.  In fact, it was such a warm day that water was running down the side of the road like a creek.  I guess that's why they call it  - January thaw!

The sunset was really beautiful tonight on our way know how I love my sunsets!  It was a perfect ending to a really nice day.

Well, after playing today . . . tomorrow, you will find me cleaning the shower...  :0)

Have a wonderful week-end!!

 Hugs and Love,


  1. I love that sunset too! We had a pretty warm December, but January has been mostly very cold so far with very little snow. Glad you're feeling better...have a nice weekend!
    xx Cheryl

  2. Hey Barb......thanks for the ride. I enjoyed it very much. - Marsha

  3. I loved your day trip! Your pictures tell the story. It has been such a warm winter and here in Utah and it is a big concern.
    I am happy you are doing better. I'd save the shower for next week and just relax.
    Sending lots of love and hugs your way!
    PS love the sunse for more reasons that one!

  4. Don’t you love days when there’s nothing to prevent you from taking off on a little jaunt? I sure do!

  5. Isn't it fun to just be able to take off on a trip when you want to... No worries...just time. I'm so surprised that there hasn't been much snow or ice. I would have figured it was a very snowy winter. Even Texas, suppose to get snow this coming Monday night. WHAT? yes, it is true and just the thoughts of snow, has everyone stocking up on groceries.. lol. Love all the pictures. I'm hoping to someday travel in that area.....

  6. Love all of the pictures. We recently moved to the East after living in the West for years. I miss those wide, open skies.

  7. What a perfect unscheduled day, I love those kinds. There's always time for cleaning but how nice it is to take drive and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!. Those deer sure look happy for sure. We also are having a mild winter - I hate to count my chickens before they hatch, but I'm thinking winter is over. Our grass is so green. Man last year at this time we were covered in snow, so I don't know what to think. I'm a sucker for a sunset! you seem to always capture such pretty ones too!
    Have a great week Barb!

  8. Lovely photos! Day trips can be the best, just to step away from everything for awhile. Glad to see the deer are happy too! Our winter has been fairly mild too, last week we reached near 70! Crazy ,lol. Have a wonderful day!


  9. I can only imagine the beauty of all those mountains that surrounds you, Barb, no wonder you write so beautifully, thank you for taking me on your ride.
    Sometimes Dh and I go for a run to the store and end up out and about all day.
    I read your previous post about your love for music it seems we love the same music. DH and I like to watch the RFD channel especially on the weekends, it has Hee Haw, Bill Anderson and all the others you shared.
    I love meatloaf, and like your recipe for it. I also love meatloaf sandwiches, you and I certainly have a lot in common.

    Thank your visiting and for your sweet comments.
    Have a blessed day.


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