Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Peek into my Week . . .

Today . . .  March 22, 2017 . . . It's Spring!  It was a gloomy day though, lots of clouds, but in the high 50's!  I'll take it.

Something from my Playlist . . . Some beautiful Irish music!  We just found out through a DNA test that my husband is 37% Irish . . . who knew! So this beautiful music is for him! And, because it's March!  

Mother Nature . . . These photos are about 4 weeks late.  They are pictures of my neighborhood . . . it was flooded.  We had more snow this winter than we have had for a long time, and with a quick thaw, we had lots of water.  These were the fields around my neighborhood (we live in the country... ;0) ) They look more like rivers than fields.

The flooding in my area has past, but there's lots of snow in the mountains, so we are anxious about the river flooding.  I took these photos of the Snake River, a few weeks ago.  I'm sure it will rise a few feet when the snow starts to melt in the mountains.  I drove by today, but didn't take a picture of the falls  . . . they were amazing!  The rocks you can see in this photo were nearly covered up!  The river is almost over it's banks in places - I'm praying that it doesn't flood.

My thoughts for March . . . March is always a busy time for us.  My mother and 6 of our 10 grandchildren were born in March, one of them on St. Patrick's Day!  It's always fun to celebrate with them, and wonder how in the world they grew up so fast.

Today is my sweet mother's birthday!!  She is 89 years young!  We had fun celebrating her special day with her.  We love her, and hope that her day was filled with all the love that she deserves!

These are two of my youngest grands, Nathan and Caleb.  These two seem to have grown up right before my eyes!  I can remember so clearly that day that they were born and how excited we were to welcome them into our family - we love them, and are so proud of them!!!  

This is, Brody, who just turned 13, and is an awesome young man!  He doesn't look very happy in this photo, because he was sick, but trust me, he can keep me in stitches - we love him, and love having him in our family!

And my oldest grandson just turned 18 . . . 18!  I don't even know how that happened!  I think it was only a few years ago that I was 18!  It has been such a joy watching this young man grow into adulthood.  He has always been a boy very close to my heart.  We love him, and are excited to cheer him on, and celebrate all that he does for the next 18 years, and beyond!  

Looking forward to . . .  Our anniversary in April, we will be married 43 years (I got married when I was 18!).  I'm not sure what we will be doing this year, but hopefully it will include a road trip!

What's cooking . . . I can honestly tell you that I have not been very creative in the kitchen for a very long time!  It's hard to cook for two people, especially when we I don't like left overs.  Any ideas?!

Creative me . . . I haven't been very creative, but here are a few ideas that I love, and want to do make.

I found this idea here, and I just think it is so cute.  You could even paint the round piece of wood to give it more color, but I love the natural look.

I also need a summer wreath and thought this was so cute!  This is an Etsy purchase, but I think I could make it by myself...but, she did a wonderful job, it's so pretty and summery!

Just Sayin'  . . . Exactly!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!



  1. I'll take the final graphic to heart.

    Happy Anniversary! (Your hubby is 37% Irish? That's more than a third.๐Ÿ™‚) Fun to see these handsome grandsons of yours and hard to believe that you have one who is already 18!

    Saying a prayer for no flooding, but plenty of water. No flood and no drought!

    1. I knew I was forgetting someone! Your precious mom...89 is an achievement and I hope that she has a happy birthday month! ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒฟ

  2. Barb,
    Happiest of birthdays to your beautiful mother!!!!!!
    I am sure she had a wonderful day.
    I always enjoy visiting with you here...
    So much happiness.
    Prayers though, for the flooding...
    And I LOVE the new fresh look here!!!!!
    Have a cozy day, my friend.

    1. I would love to know more about your background. : )

  3. Hi Barb, Happy Birthday to your sweet mother! She certainly doesn't look 89. I hope your area escapes more flooding. We need rain here, it is very dry. We've had such strange weather so far this year. Little snow and now it's time to mow again. I love the spring wreath and the round holder for plants is a neat idea! Take care and have a nice day! xo Cheryl

  4. Hi Barb - I love your "Peek into my Week" posts. So fun. Happy Birthday to everyone in your family who is celebrating this week - from the oldest to the youngest. That flooding looks bad. Hope Idaho at least doesn't have to worry so much about droughts this summer. Enjoy what's left of the week and see you again soon!

  5. Hi Barb! I hope you don't have any more flooding. Yikes! Happy Birthday to your sweet mother! And oh my you must have lots of birthday cake in March! Thanks for letting us peek into your week!

  6. How fun to find out that Bob is 37 % Irish. Did you have your DNA done too? We want to both have our done. I have a story to sometime share on this one.
    Wow, the flooding in the neighborhood looks like a lot. I hope there won't be flooding of the river and falls. We are kind of worried about flooding here too. I don't think our area will be affected but we do have the canel near us.
    Happy Birthday to that sweet Mom of yours; I loved the photos. All your grandsons are adorble. However, that one we share is extra special. I have soft spot in my heart for this dear grandson of ours. Loved the photos of him!
    Hope you have a sweet Anniversary in April.
    Spring does make me want to have a few new decorations of some sort. I liked the ideas you showed.
    Well my dear friend, love you much! We are praying for our daughter to go through the surgery well. Love her so much! Thanks for being such cherished friends. Love and hugs for you two~

  7. So many grandchildren! You are so blessed!! I only have the one, but would love more. Sadly, the female offspring and her fella seem convinced they're a "one and done" family. And hopefully it will be several more years before the male offspring starts having any. I have grandchild envy...

    I'll be praying that the river doesn't flood!

  8. How lovely to catch up with all of your news. One of my all time favorite places to drop by.

    Squishy hugs




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