Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Peek Into My Week . . .

Something from my Playlist . . . Yesterday I was at my sweet friends house, and she wanted to show me her mother's stereo.  Her mother had given her the stereo and some wonderful records years ago, so we decided we would listen to a few of them . . . oh my goodness it brought back sweet memories from when I was younger.  When I was a girl, the big thing was a stereo in a cabinet.  I'm not sure very many are around today, but they were awesome!  My father, being the handyman that he was, made his. He built the cabinet out of beautiful wood, and ordered the record player and radio, and installed it into the cabinet - it was amazing, we all loved it so much!  So, back to the story.  Kathy and I listened to, Andy Williams, Moon River . . . ahhhhh, (we even danced!).  I don't know about you, but I just swoon every time I listen to Andy Williams.  

Kathy's is very similar to this one, oh, the memories!

Mother Nature . . . This morning my husband and I were watching the news and I heard the loudest noise!  My husband looked out the door, and the wind was just howling through the trees, it sounded like an airplane crashing in our yard, soon after that it started snowing big white fluffy flakes!  So . . . the wind is blowing, hard, and it's cold outside.  I know spring will come in her own good time, but it's the waiting that is so hard!

On My Mind . . . A few days ago my husband and I were in the city when we noticed the most gigantic dogs in the car in front of us . . . good thing I had my camera!!

These guys were huge!  When they moved around in the car it would actually bounce around.  But, don't they have the most adorable faces?!  I'm not sure they would make very good lap dogs. but they sure are cute!

At my church, I have the privilege to work with, 12 and 13 year old girls, and they are so much fun! Each week we have activities, and trust me, it keeps me busy.  Right before Valentines Day, we decided that we would show the Bishop how much we love him, so we decorated his door with Valentines, with sweet thoughts about how much we appreciate all he does for us.

Then last night, we talked about modesty, and how important it is to always be modest in everything we do, especially our clothing.  Then we made a prom dress with tissue paper, it was very cute, and the girls had fun designing a dress!

Dreaming of . . . 

I would love to embroider these cute transfers on some nice dish towels!  Are they not just the cutest little designs?!

I found this cute idea here.  I have an old milk crate in my garage that I bought last fall, and it's iust waiting to have something cute like this happen to it!  You can make the top removable so that you can use it for storage as well!

Some Cuteness . . . 

Last week I was babysitting a few of my littles and they were watching an old Disney cartoon on Netflix.  They were almost scared of the cartoon characters. and when I watched it, I could see why, they are kind of scary!!  But aren't they cute all cuddled up?!

(taken with my phone so it's fuzzy!)

Just Sayin' . . . 

Stay safe and warm!



  1. Lots of cute things going on in your corner. The grands watching old Disney cartoons...yup, some of them are pretty strange. Ha! I like your footstool idea. Be sure to show it when you've done yours. My son and grandson made a very nice hassock for my wife and mother. It really turned out cute.

  2. We actually have one of the old, wooden stereo systems in our living room....we use it as a television/telephone stand. My husband bought it for himself back in the 60's.
    Those dog faces were adorable...I love animals. But, I really had to chuckle in the last picture you posted on the dogs....the dogs had more hair than their owner!
    Heart attacking doors is such a fun idea. When I was in Y.W., that was basically a yearly tradition, heart attacking doors all around town.
    Wow, I love that milk crate footstool. You really need to make yours and if so, pictures are a must - ha!
    And as for your grands....well, it goes without saying....that picture is a keeper. Grands are the best!

  3. We used to have one stereo exactly like the one in the photo but don't know what happened to it. We used to listen to Andy William's song. I love "Moon River". Your little ones all cuddled up look so cute. Just to let you know that I am following you and I invite you to follow me too. Thank you, Barb.

  4. Always love my visits here, Barb!
    Your littles are precious!!!
    Have a nice weekend, my friend.

  5. I love that quote about the boiling water, makes a lot of sense. :-) Absolutely love the record player, any antiques i just adore! Those pups look like Mastiffs! So cute, but definitely not great lap dogs, lol. Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Oh Barb, I loved all of this. My ex and I used to have a stereo in a cabinet. It also had a tv in it. It was used when we bought it, but it was our pride and joy for many years, until eventually all the bits broke down and stopped working. What beautiful dogs. So big. Todd would love a big dog, but you need a big house to have a big dog as I always remind him . . . so we have a Mitzie. ☺ Your YW's ideas are fabulous, I am going to pass them onto my friend who is a YW pres. Although it is too late for Valentines day, it's never too late to let a bishop know how much he is appreciated, and what a cute prom dress. Love the transfers and the milkcrate foot stool, and your grands are adorable. Disney can be very scary. I used to be so afraid of the bad fairy Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty when I was a child. I also love the last quote about the water. So true! Have a great weekend filled with oodles of love and joy. Bless you! xoxo

  7. Fun post, Barb. Sounds like you have had a pretty good week. Cute picture of your grands cuddled up watching cartoons...I have been noticing lately that some of the cartoons we watched as kids are kind of violent and daughter doesn't even let her kids watch them much. Fun ideas for your activity days! I love it. My daughter had that calling a few years back and she always wanted new and fun ideas and yours are great! I love the milk crate foot stool - what a fun idea. We are in the high eighties here- too much heat too soon! Have a good Sunday tomorrow.


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