Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Musings . . . Most Embarassing Moments!!

So . . . yesterday, while I was sitting in church, during the Sacrament, the most embarrassing thing happened!

I have my scriptures downloaded onto my electronic device, so I thought that during the Sacrament, I would look up a few scriptures.  Now, earlier that morning, I had been listening to I-Heart-Radio, while I was getting ready for church, it's also downloaded on my device.  Of course, you must know that when I listen to it, I turn it all the way up, it's noisy in the bathroom, with the blow-dryer and all... :0)  So, instead of hitting the scripture app, I accidentally hit the I-Heart-Radio app!!  This is the song that went ECHOING throughout the chapel, full blast!

The worse part, was that I could not get it to turn off!!  I tried everything, even tried sitting on it!  I finally had to get up and just leave, which was even more embarrassing!  Then when I came back in, I realized that I had to go up and sing with the choir . . . oh my, what a day!!

I suppose it could have been worse . . . how was your Sunday?



  1. Oh no! My day is going much better than your Sunday did. =D

    1. When you listen to the music, it comes into sharp focus how funny (and embarrassing) it was! LOL!

  2. Oh my!!!
    I imagine you made a lot of people smile, my friend! : )

  3. Gosh, I'm sorry you felt embarrassed.
    It's a great song though, and would have made me start a little humming, and grin from ear to ear; had I been there.

    Have a happy day.


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  5. Barb, that is too cute! Oh gosh. You were brave to go up front to sing afterwards! :-)

    I found a youtube video of the hymn and put it on my blog for you!

  6. Oh goodness, I'm so sorry. Seems like something I'd do. At least it was great music!! :)

    the queen of embarrassing moments :/

  7. Oh Barb....I'm so (ha, ha) sorry that (ha, ha) happened to (ha, ha) you...really but I must admit, I'm still laughing, out loud, even. It seems like some of the most embarrassing moments are the funniest, to others, like me. Sorry I'm laughing at your expense but this blog really made my day!

  8. I can so see you....trying to get the thing turned off....and finally sitting on it! I am truly laughing out loud. I love your embarrassing moment... it brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks for sharing this precious moment.... Now, let me give you a big ol' hug.

  9. I laughed out loud reading this. I can totally picture it. I bet you sure woke a few people in your ward. What a memorable Sacrament Meeting you had! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh my gosh you dear friend; this is a really funny post. I know how embarrassing it must have been for you, but it was an LOL moment to read about it. Just think one of these days you can share it when ask what is your most embarrassing moment. I do think the song was appropriate for the moment. I am sure you brighten some days. Sending lots of smiles, loves and hugs just for you~

  11. Oh my! I have to confess, Barb, that I am laughing so hard tears are rolling down my cheeks! I'm one of those people who can't contain their laughter and would have probably laughed aloud in the church. I would have been mortified if it were me, but just think of all the smiles you brought to those faces in church! I will be telling this one tonight at the supper table. I know you are probably laughing about it now, too. You are a brave woman to go back in and sit in the choir! Hugs to you!


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