Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Catching up with life . . .

Since Christmas, it seems like we've been really busy with life.  You know, just the kind of everyday things that seem to keep you on the run, and away from the things you really need to accomplish!  Here are a few fun things I've been keeping busy with.

 We started the month of January eating...who would have guessed?!  Oops,  there went my new years resolution!  My sister and I took two of our daughters and our mother to lunch at a favorite little restaurant, The Rusty Lantern; a cozy little place with wonderful food!  This is my daughter, making sure Nathan had butter on his homemade bread, yum!

 My sweet niece with her cute little son, Owen.  I especially love his shirt, it says, "I dig auntie".  I'm pretty sure I know who gave it to him!  He's adorable!

They have the most wonderful desserts - this is their bread pudding, it's to die for! 

Then, we went to Brody's Pinewood Derby.  Here he is showing me his car, not very enthusiastically I might add...;0)  Brody mostly humors us with things like this, he is really the kind of kid that would rather be home reading a good book, or drawing wonderful pictures of magical scenes.  He didn't win, but he did get the award for, "Most Patriotic".  

That same night, we celebrated Diana's birthday.  As you can see, we didn't have any birthday candles, so we used a real candle - Clara loved it, she was way too excited to hold still for the camera!

Bob's uncles passed away on January 27th, and was buried at the same cemetery as our little granddaughter, Hannah.  The snow was so pretty, looked like little diamonds scattered around her headstone.  If you look very closely, you can see tiny hand prints under her name...so precious.

Of course we've been having fun with this little sweetheart, I can't resist kissing those cute little cheeks - oh my, they grow up so fast!
A few weeks ago we went with some friends to see the, Bar-J Wranglers.   They are a western band, who sound similar to, The Sons of the Pioneers.  During the winter months they travel and do shows all around the country.  In the summer, they have a live show in, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It's a fun place to go, you get a chuck-wagon dinner and a show, and it's awesome!


This is a picture of my mother when she was about 18 years old.  My nieces went to the retirement center where she lives and put some pictures of her in this display, for her being the, February,  resident of the month.  She was so beautiful...still is. 

While watching the Olympics, I have been crocheting this afghan for my little granddaughter's 8th birthday.  It's been really fun, I wasn't sure about the colors, but it is turning out to be very colorful and pretty!  

And finally . . . today, I decided to make cookies, and look who is begging!  How can I refuse a cute little gray muzzle like that?  He loves cookies...or basically anything sweet...or just food in general...especially human food...one was his limit!

Looks like it's time for bed.  Night all..



  1. Sitting here late on a hot humid night in Brisbane Australia sipping a cup of tea and sending big hugs and much love your way!


  2. Hi Barb, Love your picture stories. It makes me feel lie I'm there with you. Thanks for sharing your life with me. Hugz!

  3. Loved seeing all your photos, Barb. You have a beautiful family and the little ones are so precious. Your mother was a beauty and I'll bet she still is! I love the colors in the afghan you're working on. Your granddaughter will love it!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I just love reading these kind of post.....Family is so very important to me and it thrills me to see closeness in a home. Isn't it amazing how family and FOOD can put a big smile in our heart....every time? No doubt that you had a sweetie begging for one of those delicious looking cookies. Just what I need right now!! lol. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family....


  5. You have been busy! Seems you are having fun enjoying and being with your family. I love the pictures you posted and especially the one of your mother when she was younger. It is really beautiful. The afghan is going to be beautiful when it is finished. The colors are bright and cheerful and perfect for dark dreary days when it is cold and snowy outside. It's always fun to read your post and see what you are up to. Nola

  6. Sweet Barb, I am sorry for your and Bob's loss. The snow does look like magical diamonds around dear Hannah's headstone. Love all the pictures. Little Owen is adorable!!!!!

  7. This was a fun one. Your children and grandchildren are so precious. That baby is such a cute one. I would love kissing those cheeks. Your mother's picture is beautiful; keep on enjoying those moments with her. I think I need to make some cookies tomorrow. I know Sammy will be right under my feet wanting some too. These little fur babies of ours are just like children. I love the blanket you are making. Next time we are together you must show me a pattern for one of your blankets. I need to start doing this again. Hannah's headstone is lovely. I have heard that the Bar-J Wranglers put on a great show.
    Maybe we will get to see them sometime.
    Blessings, love and hugs to my dear friend. .

  8. It looks like you have been busy. It is so obvious from your posts that your family is everything to you.

    Love the Bar J Wranglers. They are funny and have such great voices.

  9. I just loved this post Barb, this is what life is all about and that is making wonderful and lasting memories! You have a very dear and sweet family, just keep making those emeories.

  10. Hi Barb~

    So good to catch up with you a bit here. What precious times you've been spending with your family. I always love seeing the grands (and great-nephews) and what you're doing as a family. I enjoyed seeing that beautiful photo of your mother. What a special honor for her!

    And the music was great. I've listened twice. ☺

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  12. Your blog is so delightful. I need to take the time and look at it each month. Even though I know what is going on in your life I love the recap. I am so blessed to have you as my sister. I love you!!!

  13. Barb..
    So lovely to see what you've been up to. My sympathies to your family on the passing of his uncle. Also, I didn't know that you had lost a grandbaby. SO sorry.
    Each day, I'm so grateful that families really are forever.

    Lovely picture of your mom. She is a beauty. Her eyes, are gorgeous!!

    Love that you had a girls day out and enjoyed a good meal, and fun times together. I love times like that.

    We went to the Bar J Wranglers concert one time. Such fun. I love stuff like that.

    Hoping that you are having a good month thus far.

    Smiles :)


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