Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

We have certainly had a busy Autumn! It seems like there is always something to do, and not enough time...therefore, my blog suffers!

A few weeks ago, we went deer hunting with my daughter's family.  It was so much fun, and, Christian and Taylor Jo got their deer!  This post may be a bit graphic for some, so you may want to squint, or turn your head when the pictures pop up...;0)

No beautiful trees this trip - although, I think the desert has such charm!  The weather was just beautiful!  Cool nights and wonderful warm days.

I love these mountains - so gorgeous!

Oh my goodness - I love clouds...

and sunsets that take your breath away!

The first day we were there we went for a ride - these guys were so NOT afraid of us, and yes, that is snow!

The first day out,Christian got his deer.  I asked him to smile, and he told me that he probably should not smile after he had just killed one of God's creatures...I was proud of him.  We do need to be humble, respectful and very thankful for these beautiful animals.

While Amber, James and Christian took his deer to the valley, Taylor Jo and I went for a walk - Isn't she beautiful?!

We were camped near a spot where, probably 60 years ago, the town folk used to dump their garbage.  We found some interesting treasures - and some not so good.

 Old beer cans... not so good, but interesting.  The sad thing is, I think I can remember these!

lots of broken blue glass...

When Christian got back, he took us to a different spot, where we found lots of old bottles.

I wish this old crock would have been intact!

 A couple of old horse shoes...for good luck!

We even found crop circles... ;0)

And a few sunset circles.

The next morning they went out...and look who got her deer!  She shot him at 300 yards!  I think she may have been a little squeamish at first...check out that face! 

 This was a fun trip, but like Christian, I have a very deep reverence for these beautiful animals.  We don't ever waste the meat, and we are not trophy hunters.  The meat these deer provide will be put in the freezer and will serve us well this winter.

My sweet daughter is having a baby on November 1st, so we are all excited!  I will certainly be posting some cute pictures!




  1. Love this post. The area looks so familiar to me. As for the poor deer . . . . sniff. I can't handle hunting at all, but I appreciate and understand the needing of it for food. And I know it helps with the over population. But I still just cringe when I actually see it happening. I don't eat much meat at all anymore. But that's not to say that it's off completely.

    Idaho is beautiful, isn't it.

  2. Congratulations to your grands for getting their deer. Deer camp is a long loved tradition for many families, and I know that the meat will provide for your families.

    I was raised on venison, and really cannot tolerate it now. If our guys go hunting they always find a family that can use the meat. We've been able to help many families out this way.

    Love that you found an old dump site. I've been to a few of those myself, and found some great old bottles, and a few old neat pieces of metal.
    Now you have good luck, what with those old horseshoes and all :)

    Have a great weekend, my friend.


  3. First of all, I want to thank you for your encouragement to me personally with your comments. You are such a dear!

    And then speaking of deer, this was a good post about the hunting trip, every bit of it, written with sensitivity and respect for how our Lord has ordered things to be. LOVED the picture of the mountains with that layered look, as we like to call it here on the eastern side of the Rockies. I am praying for an easy delivery of your grandchild NEXT WEEK! Yes, by all means, pictures will be expected!

  4. I remember back when I was younger and how much I enjoyed the deer hunt. My dad always got his deer early and then would enjoy helping others get theirs. Mother was an absolute chef when it came to cooking deer meat. What she couldn't do with it!
    How wonderful that you could be with your grandkids and just think of all those wonderful memories you are making. Loved all the pictures. Look forward to seeing pictures of the new grandbaby! Nola

  5. Congratulations to the grand chlldren for getting their first deer, your grandson's comment was precious, Barb, our son's are big hunters!!
    I love to find treasures around trash piles, and have found some great bottles here on the farm where previous owners just dumped their trash. Your photos are so awesome, I can't imagine having such an opportunity to see and photograph such beauty. A fine trip for you and your family, thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes on the coming new baby, looking forward to you sharing.
    Blessings, Sue

  6. I really love the pictures of this event. I am of course, thinking it was great that the two of them got deer; but I too have a reverence for beautiful animals created for us. Roger and I used to hunt years ago and I got a buck one year. My Dad always told us that if we caught a fish or shot a deer we clean it. He was kind and didn't make me do that. The sunset pictures were so awesome. We have such a beautiful world to live in. I really love you dear one; and we do need to get together soon. Of course, I am busy stealing the pictures of our grandchildren. I love those sweet children so much.
    Blessings, hugs and love!

  7. Glad you enjoyed the trip with your family. Your granddaughter is a beautiful girl. Congratulations to your grandkids for getting their deer. My Dad and brothers used to go hunting years ago, and my older brother still does. I enjoyed your photos! Have a wonderful weekend Barb! :)

  8. Barb, your skies, clouds, and hills just can't be beat. So beautiful! Deer hunting! Sounds like fun. Now do you have to cook all that venison or can you freeze it?

  9. Hi Barb! So glad that you popped by to say hello because I eventually found my way over. Wow. That country sure is big sky country. Amazing views. I was impressed that the grands got their deer. I love how Temple Grandin explains it...have you seen the movie? You have said it so well, too.

    Things must be getting very exciting about now with the new grand on the way. Looking forward to seeing those photos!

  10. It looks like you have been so busy. I love the pictures.
    Good luck on the new grandbaby.

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  12. Wow! What an amazing time you are having! :) I love all the cool things you have been finding! You take such pretty pictures too! My hubby and I would love to get into hunting but have no idea where to start!


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