Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family Camping - 2013!

Hi all!  Yes, I'm back...finally!  We got back from our annual family camping trip a week or so ago, and I think I'm done recuperating.... ;0)  It was so much much work...very relaxing...lots of good much work...and did I much work!!

Here are a few highlights...

 It was a beautiful week!  Although it did rain on us one night...but who cares when you wake up to this!

It's really dry here in the West -  but there were a few brave wild flowers still hanging on!

We had tents and trailers - my brave little pregnant (7 months) daughter and her family roughed it in tents, they were such troopers!  

Ben and Jess helped the kids build a tee-pee...

Christian and grandpa built a stove out of a log...

...and it really worked!!

Nathan took a bath in a really little tub!

light sticks were awesome!

The hammock is always a big hit...

...even by yourself!

Lots of hand washing...

...and cute smiles...

And acrobats...

Chatting around the fire after the rain storm...with little faces peeking out of the hammock... ;0)

This fat bird, was cooked in a garbage can...and he was delicious!

Almost done...

Cooked to perfection...

Carved by grandpa...

Time for was delicious!  Barely enough left for a turkey sandwich!

Lots of nap taking...and flower giving...

rides in the wagon...

guitar playing...

memory making...

fun times...

Everyone who knows us, knows we are a gun loving family - Christian was checking his aim, of course he's using an air soft gun...

 The kids loved to play "tag", with their air soft guns, Emily was truly not going to get stung with anyone's shot!

 Looks like, rock-paper-scissors to me... or a lesson in how to hold the gun just right!

 We did a lot of chillin' by the fire...

And cookin' over the fire...

Sharing breakfast with Clara, so sweet!

While we were there, Miss Averi had a birthday!!

Clara had fun too!

Oh, how we love this beautiful child - she is so special!!!

Nathan wearing an old pair of grandpa's glasses - they almost fit, even broken and taped together!

A sheep herder from Peru, stopped to say hello...

Nathan got to pet the horse...Caleb got to ride with the sheep herder.   Grandma wasn't quick enough to get the picture!

I guess I better start planning next years trip...we had so much fun!  On to the next adventure...Goodnight!



  1. Wow. Will you adopt me? That looks like so much fun!! Where did you go?

  2. Great family fun times! Wonderful photos. I'm quite curious how you cooked the bird in a garbage can...

  3. Looks like the perfect camping trip. Camping can't be beat. Beautiful spot whereever you are.

    Need more instructions on that turkey! Yum! How long did it cook? And the log, did you put firestater in it?

  4. Awesome, awesome, camping trip and I'm so digging that log stove, genius I telling ya, genius! Oh those pictures are all so precious - I bet the sheep herder smelled your delicious pancakes!!

    Thanks for sharing Barb!!

  5. Hi Barb,
    It looks like you had a great family camping trip, and a lot of fun together!! I enjoyed all of your pictures. Definitely a lot of wonderful memories made! I love pancakes when out camping. They always seem to taste so much better than at home. That log stove was pretty cool too. Your grandchildren are so precious, and really getting big! I'm glad you are safely back at home. :)

  6. Looks like you had fun. I never camped in my childhood and admire those who take on all that work!! Clarice

  7. Wow, that looks so fun. I need to learn more about camping. You can show us this fall. The kids are so darn cute. It is beautiful up there. For some reason, I thought there weren't any trees.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I love you, Karen

  8. Great entry! Loved reading every word and seeing every picture! The log becomes a stove! Incredible! There's really nothing quite like a campfire, is there? The turkey and pancakes make me hungry! Thanks for the fun visit. Love your family!!

  9. What a fun time you had with your family. The pictures really said it all.
    I am also curious about the log stove. Very unique idea. So glad you could all be together making memories that will last a life time. Nola

  10. Welcome back, Barb! I can see why you were so tired after your camping trip but my goodness, what a fun time you had! I am not a camper, but I do enjoy it vicariously through your pictures and descriptions.

  11. Oh Barb, what a great time you all must have had!!
    Love every single one of the pictures that you've posted here, and the great descriptions.
    Smiles on everyone's faces.
    What wonderful memories you've made.
    Camping is a lot of work, but the fun times, and memories made are always worth it, some how.

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

  12. Your family camp out looks like it was a great one. I loved all the pictures and stole the ones of our children and grandchildren that we share.
    I always love when you do a blog. Miss you and hope we can have a moment together soon. I loved having the kids down we had a lot of fun. We visited a lot which doesn't happen if we have more than one family. I loved this visit.
    Blessings, love and hugs dear friend~

  13. Oh how I <3 both you and your precious family!


  14. This is fantastic Barbara, isn't family time special, loved all of the photo, and wonderful memories you shared. These memories will last a lifetime. I must mention how impressed I am with the chicken cooked in a trash can. Barb, you really know how do it up right!!`smile~
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. This looks like so much fun! Love seeing all your photos. I'd love to know how you cook a chicken or turkey? in a garbage can. Maybe a post idea? Hint hint. LOL!

    I'm behind on blog reading since my blog break and trying to catch up. Hope all is well with you and your family as we head into the long weekend. Take care and have a happy weekend!

  16. Hi Barbara, I enjoyed your camping pictures. Reminds me when we use to take the kids camping.
    Happy Labor Day weekend.

  17. Looks like you and the family had a great time. The pictures are wonderful. Doylene

  18. Barb, I want to go camping with you next time. It looks like a fantastic time! Thank you for sharing with us your adventure.

  19. Looks like you guys had a blast! I took my family camping for the first time this past summer and cannot wait to go again. I found these sites to be very helpful in choosing the right stuff to bring.

  20. Hello! Such a great camping photos! I can see you had the best time there! Awesome! It must be great experience for kids!


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