Monday, July 29, 2013


Taylor, our granddaughter,  loves horses, she always has!  She has been afraid to ride the horses in the past, but this year she decided to give it a go!  We choose the oldest horse to start her out on - his name is, Jess, and he's about 27 years old...he only a few teeth, and he's very gentle.

 You can see she's a little nervous...

Grandpa is helping lead...and she looks like she's having fun!

Finally, a big smile...but still a little unsure...

Every day that she was here, she brought them treats...this is how she was greeted...

What is it about little girls and horses...

Whatever it's magical...

"All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl."



  1. So precious, Barb! And I love that quote! <3

  2. Oh that is a cool twist to that quote. Looks as if your granddaughter really loves the horses. She's just not sure they love her as much.

    (So glad that you're here. Yesterday, when I tried to check in, you weren't. I fretted a bit.)

  3. Beautiful post! I have heard that horses can sense our emotions, happy, sad, scared, etc. And that they can be very understanding. (that probably depends on the horse) I hope gets to spend more quality time with Jess the next time she visits you! Blessing to you, blogging friend!

  4. Beautiful post. I had a horse age 15-18 and it is indeed a magical time.

    Much love


  5. Sweet post and photos, Barb! Your g'daughter is so cute sitting on top of the horse! There is nothing like having a horse to love, imo. They are just as wonderful as dogs and cats, and give back love in return. I used to tell my horse all my young girlish secrets! :)

  6. It is magical. I love this one especially because it is about our granddaughter, sweet Taylor Jo. I will have to tell her the stories of my love for horses. As a young girl I always wanted a horse. Although I didn't get to ride them that often; I wanted too.
    Loved the sweet pictures!
    Love and hugs!

  7. I don't know what it is between girls and horses but it happened to me. I loved horses I think since the first time my dad put me on one at six months old and I was riding by myself at two years. I still adore them and have yearned to have them around me my entire life. It hasn't worked out like that, though.

  8. I think she may have just found her new love.... she already looks like a pro and I'm guessing that she is now hooked!! Your part of the country is so pretty and it looks so cool!! BTW....your granddaughter is a cute doll!! Don't they just have a way of melting your heart...

    Enjoy each of your blessings today..

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  10. I think Taylor has got the swing of things, and feeding the horses is a very good start, as well as giving them lots of pats. Yes, there is something special with girls and horses.
    Thanks for sharing. It was so nice to hear from you, we both stay so busy.
    As far as the recipe for my sauce, I make it just as though I was fixing for dinner, except I increase it so much more. If you have any questions about the ingredients let me know. This sauce does make it so much easier for preparing meals.
    Love the quote.
    p.s. sorry about the previous comment I deleted, I was logged in on another account.


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