Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Something to keep you warm . . .

I made this cute cowl neck warmer last night - it was easy, fun, and really cute!  It's hard to envision how adorable it is when it's sitting on my kitchen counter, but trust me it's cute. 

 The pattern is very easy, it was a free pattern from www.milobo.wordpress.com, she has lots of cute patterns, go check out her blog!! 

One Row Lace Cowl

Instructions are given to make this cowl using
3 different weights of yarn, (heavy lace/sock
weight, DK, and aran/worsted).

The finished cowl will have a diameter of
approximately 20-21”. Your cowl can be
made wider or narrower by adding or
subtracting multiples of 10 stitches.

Heavy lace/ sock weight: 1 pattern repeat (10 st) = 2 inches (3.5 – 4mm hook*)
DK weight: 1 pattern repeat (10 st)= 3 inches (4.5 – 5mm hook*)
Aran/ Worsted: 1 pattern repeat (10 st) = 3.5 inches (5.5 -6mm hook*)
*Or hook size needed to give required gauge

DC = Double Crochet (US terminology) = Treble crochet (UK terminology)
Ch = Chain
St = stitch

Loosely Chain 100 for sock weight, 70 for DK weight, or 60 for aran/ worsted weight yarn.
Join to form a circle taking care not to twist chain.

Foundation Row: Ch 3 (count as 1 DC), 1 DC into next 3 Ch *miss 2 Ch, 1DC into next 4 Ch, 2Ch, 1 DC into next 4 Ch, repeat from * to last 6 Ch, miss 2 Ch, 1 DC into next 4 Ch, ch1, Slip
stitch to top of Ch 3, do not turn

Row 1: Ch 3(counts as 1 DC) 1 DC first 3 DC, *miss 2 DC, DC into next 3 DC, (DC Ch2 DC)
into Ch 2 space, 1 DC into next 3 DC, repeat from * to last 6 st, miss 2 DC, 1 DC into next 3
DC, DC into 1 Ch space, Ch 1, join with slip stitch to top of Ch 3

Subsequent Rows: Repeat row 1 until cowl is desired height. Weave in ends and block.

*I made mine with 80 beginning stitches, because I have a fat neck!!  I also used a soft DK weight yarn.




  1. That is darling!
    My mother knitted something like this for me last year.
    I love it.

  2. I wish I was closer and you could teach me how to crochet. I've done a couple of things but it's very hard for me to figure out. This is really cute.

  3. Hi Barb, You're a whiz at crocheting. Don't need any neck warmers down here in Florida though. Love your new background graphics here. Hugz!

  4. The cowl is really cute. You did a great job.

  5. Hi Barb -- I am the newest follower of your blog - a "sister in Zion" from Arizona. I love this cowl...I may get the pattern and give it a try. I am looking forward to following your fun blog. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  6. Cute, cute cowl!
    It should keep you toasty warm this winter, and in style :)

    Thanks for the link, and the how-to's.

    Enjoy this beautiful day.


  7. Very beautiful Cowl. You are just good at this. Thanks for the instructions; but what I really need is you to help me. Let's do this one day soon
    Love and hugs dear friend!

  8. Hi barb, I do enjoy the cow neck warmers, yours is so lovely I have a black one and it goes with everything. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well, I have been away from blogland trying to finish the renovation from the wall leak. Wishing you a most blessed Thanksgiving.

  9. So pretty! I have NO talent at all when it comes to needle work... I do admire people who are gifted in this area. I always enjoy stopping by here and I love your visits as well...You always leave such inspiring comments.
    Have a great week.

  10. So pretty, well done!! Happy Thanksgiving Barb. Clarice


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