Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo Dilema . . . what do I do?

Okay dear friends . . . I have run out of room to add more pictures to my blog - like header pictures, etc.  They want me to pay monthly for added room!  What do I do?  What have you done?  I am thinking about starting a new blog (but keeping this one opened, because I want all of the pictures and posts), I would just create a new blog, so that I can have the space.  I feel like it's cheating, but again, I'm not willing to pay 5.00 per month so that I can add a new header to my blog occasionally! 

As you can see, I can add pictures to my posts, but nothing in my layout!
Please tell me what you have done - I know this has happened to more than just me!  I've been feeling a little discouraged about my blog anyway, and now this?  Am I missing something?  Help!



  1. Are you sure it's not scam? I've gotten msgs like that "from Google" in my spam and I just delete them. Especially if they ask for my password. But I don't use a photo header so I may be wrong. It just sounds funny to me. Go to the Google Forum questions and answer and tell them what happened and see what results you get. I've changed my blog twice only because I get bored with my own stuff or as in the last one, I had a problem with a family member reading it. Google has got to come up with a way of changing your URL address without having to kill the whole blog. I learned, though, that you lose a whole lot of followers and they don't necessarily come back. Maybe somebody else knows more about it than I do.

  2. One more thiing --- try using one of the new templates before you cave to five bucks a month.

  3. I have to agree Barb, I've never been asked to pay for Blogger, and I've never heard of anyone else having to pay, despite having plenty of pictures and items on their page. Even getting your own domain isn't that expensive, why would Blogger charge $5 per month for added picture space? You should verify that it is in fact from Blogger that you're getting this request.

  4. I will ask some of my blogging friends in the know Barb and send them over here with advice :]



  5. hi Barb, Kimmie from Aus sent me and I'm pretty sure this is a scam. I know a lot of big and photo heavy blogs, with blogger and they have NEVER paid a cent. Fat Mum Slim hosted hers with blogger until this year. And here's is packed with pics. When I moved my blogger blog to Wordpress I had A LOT of used storage. Like years of BIG photos. I would delete the email and continue as you were. xo

  6. Barb, Mel also said...

    "If they are accessing her through her blog, or have somehow blocked uploads, she will need to check her admin settings to make sure she hasn't granted anyone admin right {in settings} and change her password. So you know, in case she keeps having issues. "

  7. Dear Barb...
    I wish I knew the answer... but, I don't know what to suggest.

    I always have to 911 my tech team, aka, my kids.

    One thing I did want to mention; I love your blog!!!
    I feel a friend-ship with you, and I would really miss your blog.
    So.. if you decide to start a new blog.. please let my know, so that I can continue to follow you :)
    Starting a new blog, just might be the ticket anyway.
    That's what I had to do for a bit.
    It took a few months for me to resolve problems with my old blog, before I could open it again.
    I really love my followers... BUT, I blog, because I enjoy the journaling, and I want to print out my blogs in a book form for my family... not because I want to be the most popular blogger :)


  8. This is what I do. I have blogged for five years and have only used 41% of my space.

    I always resize photos. Always.

    I delete those photos that no longer appear on my blog from my weblog at Picasa, which is where all Blogspot photos are stored. If you Google Picasa and click on weblog, you'll find that you are there!

    Lorrie at Fabric Paper Thread began deleting those photos (old headers that won't be used again and the like). It takes time, but it can be done slowly until you have room to add a photo. If you delete ten photos a day, you can easily get it done. I think that even I could get back to using only 20% if I did that.

    All the best!

  9. I had the same thing happen to me where I couldn't load my pictures. I did cave...and I pay the $5 per month and it works wonderful. For me, I'm not too tech savvy so I figured it was worth the $5 to be able to keep my blog and not have to go another route. It's my joy and stress relief time when I blog.

  10. I have no idea, but I just wanted to say if you decide to start a new blog I'm sure most of us would follow.

  11. Yikes! that's awful. Could it be a scam? hope so. If you do move make sure you keep us updated. I'd hate to lose you. Hugz!

  12. I have never heard of this before. Please let us all know if it is a scam when and if you find out anything. Looks like you've been given some great advice. Wish I knew more about it. Good luck and please keep all of us posted. I love reading your blog and don't want to lose it. Nola

  13. Hi Barb,
    I know exactly what you mean - I did go ahead and sign up for the extra, but I think if we resize our pics like the one blogger mentioned - it might work. I guess it is just worth it to me not to have to go into Picasa and delete/resize all the pics. I too enjoy your blog,

  14. Hi Barba

    Think I would really question Blog about
    this / So agree why? would Blog charge a
    fee, I always re-size all my photos prior
    to uploading.. Something does sounds
    right here at all... If you do open a New
    Blog please me email I feel we have
    closeness in Friendship I dearly would miss
    you :-)
    Many Blessings
    Hugs.. Ladybug

  15. I went back and deleted some photos that I no longer wanted...haven't missed them and I have not had to worry about running out of space...

    Hope your family enjoys a wonderful Holiday weekend.

  16. Barb, I've been away and just now saw this. I wish I could help but I don't know anything. I hope you find the answer. xxx

  17. It was such a joy to see you this past week. Loved going to the game and having such a good visit.
    If you can let me know more about why they are charging you for the pictures. I have a zillion on my blog and I haven't heard about this. Send me an email on it.
    I would follow your blog no matter what. Just don't quite blogging. I love your so much.
    Hugs and love to you!


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