Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Getting my Ducks in a Row . . .

This little family of ducks have been living in our canal and along the canal bank all summer.  I love to go out at night and watch as the mother duck takes them for a swim . . . she really knows how to get her little ducks in a row!

They're quick so I can only get a photo of them from a distance, but they are so cute, and it has been fun watching them grow.

Yesterday we irrigated the pasture, and I thought the reflection looked so pretty as the sun was setting.  I can already tell that, Mother Nature is starting to change seasons.  The days are getting shorter, the nights are a little cooler, and I am finding more and more leaves on my lawn every day. School will be starting in another week or so, and it won't be too long before they are digging spuds.  I'm not quite ready for summer to end.  That said . . . I love Fall!

I have also noticed boxes of produce left on the table in the hall at church, mostly zucchini and spaghetti squash . . .  tis' the season, but how wonderful to have generous neighbors!  I've been so lucky to be able to get all the zucchini and produce I want from my son and his wife, who have a gorgeous garden.  

One night last week,  I made, Gina's, Zucchini Boats, and they were delicious!  Her recipe is a super good basic recipe that you can change around to make it your own.  I made a few changes, but it was basically the same.  I added a little more liquid, because mine looked a little dry.  If you like your zucchini a little softer, you could steam it beforehand, or even stick it in the microwave and cook it for a few minutes before stuffing it to soften it up.  I covered it with tin foil and cooked it about 10 extra minutes.   We had two boats left over so I put them in the microwave and reheated them the next night,  I think they were even better the second day!  

I highly recommend them!  Thank you for the recipe Gina!

Have a wonderful, Wednesday!!

Hugs and Love,


Friday, August 11, 2017

Picking Serviceberries . . .

On Thursday, my DIL and my two grands came over and we went to the hills to pick Service berries! In Canada they are called, Saskatoon berries, actually they have lots of names, but they are well known in Canada, and they love them and use them in so many wonderful and different ways.

It was a fun, despite almost being in two car accidents, neither one our fault.  I don't know about where you live, but here, there are so many terrible car accidents, it's just downright scary to go out on the roads!  Most of them are distracted drivers.  I hate to even think about how the roads will be during the, Eclipse, but that's another story, for another day . . .

Anyway . . .

It was a fun day, and the bushes were just filled with berries!  We picked a 5 gallon bucket full, although, we could have picked 50 gallons, there were so many.  And it didn't take us long at all.

After the picking comes the work . . . not so much fun (kind of like all berries), but so worth it!  We split the berries with Diana, so she can do something yummy with them.  These berries are ripe and ready to be made into jam or juice.  I plan on freezing some so that I can make pies and muffins as well.  Serviceberries have bigger seeds than a raspberry,  so I think I will make more jelly than jam. The seeds have a very almondy flavor when they are cooked,  I kind of like them.

Today I made a small batch of jam, using this recipe.  It is really good, especially yummy on toast...:0)  You can see how big the seeds are.

After we got done picking, we stopped for lunch at one of our old camping-stomping grounds.  Brody found the trees that still had the kids initials carved in them...oh my, the memories . . . 

Brody was just a little guy when he carved his initials in that tree . . .almost grown up now!

Clara was just a baby the last time she was here.  I remember pushing her and her cousin in the stroller, up and down the road, trying to get them to take a nap!  Now, she's getting so big . . . she's smiling through a mouthful of peanut butter sandwich and is still adorable!

Well, until next time.  Take care, and drive carefully!

Hugs and Love,


Monday, August 7, 2017

An Extraordinary Day . . .

Our water heater was leaking and needed to be replaced.  So last Wednesday, my husband and I (trust me, he did most of the work...) unhooked it, hauled it up the back stairs and took it to have it recycled...whew!  Then that evening, my nephew came and installed a new water heater...bless his heart!!

So, after lots of cleaning up and busyness on Thursday morning, my husband asked me if I wanted to go for a little day trip . . . well, more like an afternoon trip, of course I was all in!  I could feel my blood pressure dropping by the minute as we headed for the hills.

It was a beautiful cloudless day, but, because of all the wildfires in our area, it looked very overcast and you could hardly see the mountains.   But it was good to relax and just escape the craziness of the city or should I say, the country.  It's grain cutting season here, so not only is the air thick with smoke, it is also thick with grain dust . . . not good.

As we were driving, we noticed that the Service berries were almost ripe.  I plan on going back for a few buckets of these yummy berries today.  They are usually all eaten by the birds, but this year, because of all the snow we had last winter, they are just thick on the bushes.   I think I might make some jam and maybe freeze some for cobblers and muffins or pancakes.

This creek was so pretty, and because it's nestled into the mountains, it wasn't as smoky.

I was surprised to find so many wild flowers in bloom.  It's so dry this summer, I thought they would be wilted and gone by this time.  They are fading fast, but they are still beautiful.

This is a flower that I have never seen in the hills before.  I wasn't sure what it was, so I did a little research and found that it is a, Wild Hollyhock, it was just beautiful!

I thought this Thistle flower was so pretty . . . I'm glad it's not in my yard though!

As we were driving along, I noticed two, Sandhill Cranes just walking along without a care in the world.  These birds are usually spooked pretty easily, so I took advantage and got a picture of them. They are so pretty!

We stopped at the, Blackfoot Reservoir, and I spotted this little juvenile, Golden Eagle sitting by the road.  They really are quick and don't like people, so I took a quick photo of him before he flew off.

It was fun spending the afternoon enjoying nature.  I know there won't be too many more of these days left with Autumn right around the corner!

Have a great Monday!

Hugs and Love,