Friday, September 22, 2017


And, because it's the years loveliest smile, I thought I would show you some "Autumn - y" ideas and hopefully, they will make you smile . . . 

I want to make this cute jar . . . love it~

Love this idea, so simple yet so pretty and easy.

Love the color - and love Essie nail polish (no, I didn't get paid to say it!).

This would be a fun craft to do with children . . . anything with Mod Podge, make kids happy!

And of course, my favorite autumn song as a child, I loved it!

And for you bigger kids . . . one of my favorite singers . . . and one of my favorite songs.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Hugs and Love,

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Just Around the Corner . . .

Chris Dunn Illustration

I love this photo, I wish I could walk around the corner in this cute little, "mouse house",  and see what's on the other side of the wall.  I love how the artist has put something interesting in every corner. 

I took a photo of my son's garden, and when I looked around the corner of the photo, there was, Brody and Danielson, the cat. They were standing so still just watching me.  I didn't even know he was standing there.  The photo was of the whole garden, so this was just a small snipit of the photo that I enlarged.  It thought it was funny to see him just standing there so quiet . . . watching me.  

When I walk through my house, I find that there are certain places that I am drawn to.  Sometimes, when I walk around a corner, I take a second look . . . and sometimes a third.

Of course in my house, one of my favorite corners usually has an old Black Lab in it, just sleeping away the day.  Next to his nose, you can see one of his grey paws, he's getting old . . . and grey.  I'm not sure I will be able to look in that corner when he is gone . . . :0(

One day last fall, I walked around the corner of the trailer, and there sat, Shane, our dear friend who passed away last February.  I will never again, in this lifetime, walk around the corner of the trailer and see him sitting there . . . treasure each moment.

This is a guest room in my home.  I often peek around the corner, especially when my grandchildren come to stay the night.  Each one of them claims this room as their own.  It looks kind of lonely,  I like it better when it is filled with grandchildren!

On a table in a corner of my home, I have this cute little note book . . . I thought it might improve my self-esteem!  So far the only thing in it is a grocery list.  But, I think we should all have the attitude of, " I woke up this awesome", I think it might change the world!

 This is one of my favorite cozy corners.  In this corner there is an old dresser that holds linens, and some of my favorite, precious old tablecloths, that were handed down to me by my mother.  There are quite a few old, old books on top of it, along with my mother-in- laws, first camera.  It sits next to a very old hutch, that my father saved from a city building remodel more than 70 years ago.  He was a fireman, and for some reason, they were the ones who helped take things out of the building.  I'm not sure how long it had been in the city building, but I'm pretty sure it is close to 100 years old.  

I love this corner, because there are pictures of some of the most important people in my life . . . my grandchildren.  The photos are outdated and need to be replaced, but they are still my grandchildren, an no matter what age they are, they are loved.  The table is a little black table that was awarded to me in my mother-in-laws will.  I had never, ever even seen it in her home before!  It is very old, I think my husbands grandfather made it.  It has some spots of paint on it, and a few worn spots, but I love it's uniqueness.  

We all need a sanctuary, that would be my bedroom.  I do love this cozy little corner of my world.  I love to crawl into bed at night and just rest from the business of the day.  I have all the necessary  items on my nightstand.  Of course, a clock, a few good books, reading glasses, tissues, photos of my and my husband . . . those are most important.   The painting on the wall was a gift to my husband's mother from his father.  It was painted in 1984, by a friend of theirs.  It's a mountain scene, with a creek and a  little waterfall with a little deer standing by it.  Another treasure.  

As you can see, most of my treasures aren't new.  They are old, treasured and loved.  Some of them are almost worn out, and some are still like new, and I love them all. 

Can you remember the, Rogers and Hammerstein, Cinderella?  I loved the song that Cinderella sang when the wicked step-sisters went off to the ball and left her home. . . it was always my favorite song in the show, enjoy!

Where's your favorite corner?  Thank you for visiting me today.

Hugs and Love,

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Peaches and Cream. . .

Summer just isn't summer unless you devour enjoy a few ripe, juicy, sweet peaches!  We love peaches at our house, and I just couldn't let the summer pass without canning a few quarts for winter.  To me, there is nothing better than homemade bread and a big bowl of home canned peaches for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

One of my favorite  memories as a child was going to Utah to buy fresh off the tree peaches.  With 5 children to feed, my mother would buy 3 or 4 bushel so we would have plenty of canned peaches for winter. Now, Utah comes to us. When I go to town, there are trucks and stands set up on many corners selling, Utah peaches.  Things certainly have changed in the last 50 years!

Can you see the jars behind my peaches? The jar covered with cloth is my sourdough start, and the jar with milk in it is my Kefir, sitting out, fermenting, so we can enjoy a kefir smoothy for breakfast.  Kefir has become one of my favorite drinks, it's so full of natural probiotics, and we all know we need lots of those as we go into the cold and flu season.

This jar of kefir is ready to be strained and put in the refrigerator.  You can see how the fermentation has caused the milk to separate and become thick and delicious.  It tastes very similar to buttermilk, it's not soured or spoiled, it's fermented, so it is tart, but also has a very light yeasty taste . . . yeasty in a very good way.

You make, kefir, with kefir grains, they kind of look like tiny heads of cauliflower.  In this picture they are covered with milk so it's hard to tell exactly what they look like.  You put the grains  in a clean quart jar, fill it with milk (I use whole milk), cover it loosely with a lid, and let it sit for 24 hours in a warm spot.  I usually put mine in the cupboard overnight, take it out in the morning, shake it, and then sit it on the counter for the day before I strain it in the evening.  Kefir is a wonderful, creamy drink that is full of  probiotics, vitamins and minerals. The kefir grains live off of the lactos in the milk, so some people who are lactos intolerant may be able to drink kefir.  The kefir grains multiply as you use and take care of them, so you can divide them and give some to a friend, so they can make their own kefir!  I got my grains from my daughter, she and her husband have 4 children, they all love kefir and drink it everyday.

This is what it looks like after it has been strained . . . thick and delicious!  I love this stuff, and feel so much better when I drink it at least twice a day.

The sunsets here have been so pretty, and you know how I love myself a beautiful sunset!

It's raining right now, and the sound of the rain on the roof is like music to my ears, we are so dry here in Idaho . . . let it rain!

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday, where did the week go?  It's suppose to get cold tonight, the weatherman says we may even have frost . . . hello autumn, I've been waiting for you!!

Hugs and Love,