Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Going Back in Time . . .

I decided that since it's been such a long time in between posts, that I needed to go back in time to catch up.

For our 43rd wedding anniversary, which was in April, we decided to go to Mount Rushmore. Neither of  us had ever been there and it was a trip that was on my bucket list.  So here goes . . .

My first thought as we started into Wyoming, was how much snow they still had in the middle of April, it was crazy!  They still have lots of snow in the mountains, and it's the middle of June!

We saw these funny, furry little Mountain Goats along the road.  Aren't they funny looking . . . beautiful, but still a bit awkward looking and funny?!  I think they were just happy to find something green to munch on.

It was a long trip through Wyoming, if you have been there you will know what I mean.  Some parts are just gorgeous, and others are just sagebrush and rock, which by the way, I find beautiful.  When we got to Muddy Gap, Wyoming, we stopped to get gas, (it was like putting gold in the tank), and I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this . . . motel.  Now, don't get me wrong, if you have ever been to, Muddy Gap in the winter, I'm quite sure that this motel would have looked like, The Ritz, if you were stranded on the road with nowhere to stay.  I thought it was funny, and sent a picture to my family and friends, telling them that this was the best we could do the first night!  Some of them even fell for it!

I love traveling and love to take photos of things that I find interesting, and I thought that this highway was very interesting!  The road was red!  The rock in that area was very red, and I'm sure that's what was put over the tar on the road - I loved it!  It felt like we were driving on a very smooth, beautiful dirt road!

Right before you get to, Mount Rushmore, you can stop at, Crazy Horse Monument, it was an amazing place!  I could just go on and on about all of the good things that they have done for the American Indians in that area of South Dakota!  It was raining when we got there so we didn't go up to the monument, but it was just an amazing place to visit.  This beautiful monument won't be done in my lifetime, but it will be gorgeous when it is finished!  You can see where they have painted on the rock where the horses head will be when it is finished.

This is what it will look like when it's completed...just beautiful!

Then we were off to, Mount Rushmore . . . it was beautiful!  It wasn't as big as I thought it would be, but way more beautiful and awe-inspiring than I could ever imagine!  I was actually overcome by it's beauty and had to wipe away tears a few times.

The next photo is one of my favorite, because it's so unexpected.  You can see this, only as you are leaving the monument site.

I will leave you with one of my favorite displays at the museum . . . 

"I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to 
keep on doing so until the end."
 ~Abraham Lincoln~

A very good motto to live by, and a very good place to end . . . until next time.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Graduation . . .

I know, I know, it's been a while since I have been here.  I won't even bore you with promises of doing better, because that would just be silly!

Like everyone else, June is a busy month.  Of course, school got out, and for me that meant my oldest grandson graduated high school!  Did I ever think this day would come . . . no.  Was I proud of him . . .  yes!  Congratulation, Christian, we sure do love you!  

It's hard to think that the years have gone by so quickly.  Just yesterday, he was that little boy who loved to cuddle with grandma, and beg me to read, Spider Man to him, just one more time.  One time I decided to fool him and not read all the words . . . he caught me!  He had the book memorized!  He was only 4 years old, but he knew all the words by heart, little stinker!  Christian and his sister, Taylor Jo, stayed with us for almost 5 months while his little sister was in the hospital; he was only 3 years old at the time.  He had a hard time going to sleep, so I would make up stories for him.  One night I had completely run out of ideas, so I had him make up the characters (he even named them) and the story line.  This is what we came up with:  

Shmalee, a beautiful dragon, had a friend named, Timmy.  One fine day . . . and the story would go from that point, with him making up the rest of the story, where they went and what they did.  He had quite the imagination!  We even had a song that went something like this . . . 

Shmalee and Timmy, Timmy and Shmalee
We are the very best of friends you see.
We like to have fun, and play in the sun,
For we are the very best of friends!

Don't judge me for lack my lack of imagination when it came to lyrics!  I would sing the song to him at the end of the story, which signaled bedtime.  It worked every time . . . almost!  We had so much fun making up the stories!  He still remembers, Shmalee and Timmy, but, what I want him to remember is how it made him feel.  It was a beloved time for me, that I hold very close to my heart.  


Christian and his mom and dad.

Christian with his family.

Well, onward and upward!  I have more to share, but it will have to wait for next time!

I will be catching up!



Monday, May 8, 2017

Time Passages . . .

Years go falling in the fading light
time passages . . . 

~Al Stewart~

Sometimes this is how I feel.  The years and months just keep fading into light and the time passes, way too quickly!

Well, here I go again . . . it's been more than a month since my last post, and again, I have an overload of "stuff" to share!

Lets start with, Shoshone Falls.  My husband and I went with Amber and James and their family on a quick day trip.  It was a quick trip, but it was so fun to spend time with them and see the falls, which were just gorgeous this year.  I posted photos of them (the falls) a few years ago, when we had very low water flow and not much snow shed.  This year, we have an abundance of water and the falls were so pretty because of that.

This was two years ago . . . same time of year.

This was this year!

 Taylor and Christian, my two oldest grands.

Amber, Averi and Taylor, my beautiful girls!  Averi loved the falls!  

A brave little Rock Chuck, way too close to the falls!

Christian graduates high school this year, so we need to enjoy these moments while we can.  Before we know it, he will be married with children of his own.

We also had a few more birthday celebrations.  My last March birthday (see how far behind I am!?) was, Emily.  She is such a wonderful young woman!  Talented, kind, smart and beautiful! What else could a girl ask for?!  We sure do love her.  

The last of the...Spring...birthdays!  Clara had a birthday the first part of May, and she was so happy to be 6 years old! What a little lady; she's smart, funny and cute as a bug!  We love her.

I have so much more to share, but I think I better just end and publish before I get distracted...again!

Looking forward to catching up!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Peek into my Week . . .

Today . . .  March 22, 2017 . . . It's Spring!  It was a gloomy day though, lots of clouds, but in the high 50's!  I'll take it.

Something from my Playlist . . . Some beautiful Irish music!  We just found out through a DNA test that my husband is 37% Irish . . . who knew! So this beautiful music is for him! And, because it's March!  

Mother Nature . . . These photos are about 4 weeks late.  They are pictures of my neighborhood . . . it was flooded.  We had more snow this winter than we have had for a long time, and with a quick thaw, we had lots of water.  These were the fields around my neighborhood (we live in the country... ;0) ) They look more like rivers than fields.

The flooding in my area has past, but there's lots of snow in the mountains, so we are anxious about the river flooding.  I took these photos of the Snake River, a few weeks ago.  I'm sure it will rise a few feet when the snow starts to melt in the mountains.  I drove by today, but didn't take a picture of the falls  . . . they were amazing!  The rocks you can see in this photo were nearly covered up!  The river is almost over it's banks in places - I'm praying that it doesn't flood.

My thoughts for March . . . March is always a busy time for us.  My mother and 6 of our 10 grandchildren were born in March, one of them on St. Patrick's Day!  It's always fun to celebrate with them, and wonder how in the world they grew up so fast.

Today is my sweet mother's birthday!!  She is 89 years young!  We had fun celebrating her special day with her.  We love her, and hope that her day was filled with all the love that she deserves!

These are two of my youngest grands, Nathan and Caleb.  These two seem to have grown up right before my eyes!  I can remember so clearly that day that they were born and how excited we were to welcome them into our family - we love them, and are so proud of them!!!  

This is, Brody, who just turned 13, and is an awesome young man!  He doesn't look very happy in this photo, because he was sick, but trust me, he can keep me in stitches - we love him, and love having him in our family!

And my oldest grandson just turned 18 . . . 18!  I don't even know how that happened!  I think it was only a few years ago that I was 18!  It has been such a joy watching this young man grow into adulthood.  He has always been a boy very close to my heart.  We love him, and are excited to cheer him on, and celebrate all that he does for the next 18 years, and beyond!  

Looking forward to . . .  Our anniversary in April, we will be married 43 years (I got married when I was 18!).  I'm not sure what we will be doing this year, but hopefully it will include a road trip!

What's cooking . . . I can honestly tell you that I have not been very creative in the kitchen for a very long time!  It's hard to cook for two people, especially when we I don't like left overs.  Any ideas?!

Creative me . . . I haven't been very creative, but here are a few ideas that I love, and want to do make.

I found this idea here, and I just think it is so cute.  You could even paint the round piece of wood to give it more color, but I love the natural look.

I also need a summer wreath and thought this was so cute!  This is an Etsy purchase, but I think I could make it by myself...but, she did a wonderful job, it's so pretty and summery!

Just Sayin'  . . . Exactly!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Friday, March 10, 2017

The . . . Skies . . . have it . . .

Hi, all!  Well, by now you know how I love the sky.  I love sunsets, sunrises, clouds, clear blue skies, the sun, the moon, the stars.  I should have been an astrologist, only I'm probably not that smart.  But, I do have a passion for taking photos of them all.  Through the years you have seen me post lots and lots of sunsets, because here in Idaho we have gorgeous sunsets.  So, I thought I would just share some of last years photos that I did not post.  

I lied, this was the sunset tonight, I just had to post it!

I'm so excited that the fire in the sky has returned.  I will most likely be spending many, many evenings looking, westward.

When we are driving, I love to look at the clouds.  I don't know if it's my sunglasses with UV protection or the windshields UV protection, but I always catch rainbows playing with the clouds. And fortunately, my camera sees it as well.

And, for your listening pleasure while you look at my rainbows . . . 

This one looks like a little angel, kissing the sun.

And, if you look very closely, right above the sliver of moon, you will see a star . . . so, the next time you find yourself gazing up at a brilliantly lit night sky, remember that the One who hung those bright lights calls you to shine as beacons of hope and life for all those around you.

Goodnight . . .