Friday, June 22, 2018

Photo Friday . . .

It's been such a busy June, so I thought I would just share some of my favorite June photos...some of the photos that I take when I'm outside. 

The top photo is a picture of a handcart my Activity Day girls helped with.  They stained the cart, and helped fill the pots with plaster of paris and silk flowers.  It sits at a beautiful historical park in our little city. 

The other photos are just photos of the beauty I find in my own back yard. 

Have a wonderful week-end and be safe sweet friends!

Hugs and Love,


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Going to the hills . . .

One day before Bob and I were married, he asked me out and told me that we were going to the hills.  Now, I knew where the hills were, I had looked up at them all of my life, but to be quite honest, I had never really been very far into the hills.  His family homesteaded these hills, there's even a creek here named after one of his relatives.  His great uncle had a large ranch in the hills, where Bob actually worked after we were first married for a short we the hills.  His family also had a ranch that they ran their cattle on when he was young.  He and his brother, used to stay in the hills for weeks at a time taking care of the cattle.  He was 8 and his brother was 10.  Can you imagine sending your 8 and 10 year old up to the hills to take care of a herd of cattle?!  He loved it, and has some very fond and maybe some not so fond memories of that time in his life.

I know that some people don't like sagebrush, but I happen to love it.  I love the contrast of the willows, the sage brush and the pine trees.

This time of year is just gorgeous, the wild flowers are in bloom and the sides of the hills were just covered with wild daisies!

There are always cows in the hills, we would just walk around them and they would just ignore us.  But these old gals didn't trust Cole very much...they just didn't realize that, Cole loves cows and would never hurt them!

Cole also loved the creek and jumped right it!  He was giving me a look like, "Don't you dare tell me to get out of the water".  I think he was wet the entire day.

I love this particular spot!  When our children were small, we used to come here and camp in the exact spot that our truck is parked.  We usually went with his parents who had a trailer, and eventually we got our own little house on wheels.  I can so clearly remember Bob's dad calling and telling us that he wanted us to get ready and go to "the outlet" with them for the week-end.  That's the only name we knew this creek by, I honestly could drive there with my eyes closed!  We never let the kids get in the water, but one day I caved.  After about 10 minutes of splashing around I heard a scream, and my daughter was jumping out as fast as she could because there was a leach on her leg - it was horrifying!  They never asked to get in the water again. We used to catch some very nice fish in this creek.  Oh my goodness, the memories!

As we were driving home we saw this mama moose and her little baby.  She also had her last baby with her, since moose only have a baby every two years, the two year old calf was still tagging along.

Not too far from where we saw her,  we also saw this guy.  He's not very big...yet.

On our way home we were reminded that we were still in the 21st century.  They do a lot of dry farming in the hills, and we were lucky enough to get behind this tractor.  They're very polite though, and pulled over as soon as they could to let us by. 

It looks a little hazy in the valley, and I'm praying that we don't have a dry hot summer.  Bob just told me that there is a fire burning not too far from here...welcome June!

Be Safe  . . . XOXOXO

Hugs and Love,

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

In front of my camera . . .

We had such a crazy week of gorgeous sunny mornings, and cloudy, rainy windy afternoons and evenings, I'll be happy when Mother Nature settles down a bit.   I've been trying to spend a lot of time outside, soaking up my vitamin D.

My lilacs are so pretty this year.  It seems like every other year they are full and gorgeous, and this is that year.  Don't you wish you could just bottle that fragrance and open it when you need to smell Spring?!  I've had a few lilac candles, but it's just not the same.  I wish they would stick around until, Memorial Day, but they will probably be fading and falling by the 28th...which is also my sweeties birthday!

The kids were all here on Mother's Day, and you know me...I had my camera ready to take a few pictures of my grands.  I used to take more pictures than I do, I guess I'm just slowing down in my old age...actually, age has nothing to do with it, I'm just learning to enjoy the moment a little bit more, I do realize that these kids will grow up, and I need to just enjoy them, without a camera in my hand.

My sweet Clara...what a girl! 

 And my cute Tanner, my last little grand... what a cute face!  

I'm really trying to enjoy these little's while I can...they grow up so quickly, and this is it for me, my next little ones will be great-grands.  Wow, that hardly seems possible, I think I'll not think about that for a while... ;0)
Nathan learned to blow on the end of a dandelion stem and make it worked too!  He could move the stem around and make different sounds, it was amazing!

Behind the shed there is a little marker where we buried my grandson's dog, Scout.  They kids were checking it out, and it looks like Nathan was telling them all about it.  We'll put flowers on it for Memorial Day...he was a sweet little dog.

This handsome boy, Caleb, another grand, ran a 5K last Saturday,  he really likes to run!  I think it's good for kids to get outside and exercise.  There are way too many kids who sit behind a screen all day.  I hope he continues to run and have fun for a very long time!

And this gorgeous girl is just growing up before my eyes!  I always call her, Miss Em, but she is my sweet, Emily.  Such a beautiful girl!

These two lovelies are back for the summer...I miss them during the winter, and always look forward to Spring when they come back.  Valentine and Princess, what beauties!  they are both in their twenties, and so they are slowing down a bit...just like me...only I'm not in my twenties ;0)

A few flowers from my pots.  I still have a little work to do in my raised beds.  I decided not to plant vegetables in them this year, so I am still deciding what to plant.  I want a few perennials, so I don't have to re-plant every year.  I have two beds, one with herbs, and then there will be one with flowers. 

Random things I find on my lawn.  We have huge hawks that fly around looking for mice and baby birds, and it looks like today they left a calling card.

Now, how could I leave without posting a gorgeous sunset photo?!  

Have a great safe.

Hugs and Love,