Friday, April 1, 2016

Snow, Sand and Sunsets . . .

On Wednesday we decided to take a little road trip, you know how I love them!  So we headed out, not really knowing where we would end up.  We ended up north of where we live, near the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. 

These sand dunes are located far from any ocean!  The St. Anthony Sand Dunes appears as a rolling sea of sand on the eastern edge of Idaho’s volcanic Snake River Plain. These vast dunes are the largest in Idaho. They blanket an area approximately 35 miles long and 5 miles wide, and range from 50 to 500 feet high. These white quartz sand dunes are a unique and popular recreational area. The best time to visit is spring through fall; summer temperatures cause sands to reach over 100 degrees.  They are part of a wildlife management area, so they are off limits during the winter, as one of the largest Elk migrations in the U.S. goes right through these beautiful dunes.

I loved the contrast of the snow covered mountains in the background.  The mountains are along way off, so they do look a bit fuzzy.  

You can see the beautiful,  Grand Tetons in the background, still covered with lots of snow!

 When we got home, I peeked out the door just as the sun was setting . . . and this is what I saw . . . a beautiful, red, white and blue sunset!  Sunsets always give me hope!

I hope you all have a wonderful week-end!



Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Peek into my Week . . .

Something from my Playlist . . . I just can't wait until we have apple blossoms!  It seems like Spring is taking her sweet time, but then again, it's only March.... :0)  But, thinking about apple blossoms gave me the perfect chance to play one of my favorite songs for you!  I can remember listening to, Tab Hunter singing this song and swooning over him!  Once, I bought a new wallet and his picture was in it, Ohhhhhh joy!  I left it in the wallet and told all my friends he was my boyfriend . . . I know . . . but I was only 10 years old!

Mother Nature . . . It's cold, the wind is blowing, off and on rain . . . it's not nice outside!

 My Thoughts Today . . . I have been looking at a few pictures that I took on Easter.   I don't take photos like I used to, I don't think my grands like it, and really, I'd just as soon share those memories in front of the camera.  But, that said, here are a couple of cute pictures I took.

 Three of my cute little grands, I have four granddaughters, but Averi wasn't on the four-wheeler this time.  They love to ride around the pasture. they could do it for hours!

 Grandpa really likes to tease the kids . . . and he really did get a reaction from some of them when he put this elk in the backyard!  These two little cuties wanted to have their picture taken with the elk, they thought it was, "awesome"!  It did look real, especially from a distance.

Feeling Blessed . . . I am so blessed to have wonderful people in my world!  A sweet friend brought these beautiful tulips to me . . . I love the little fringe around the edges, aren't they just gorgeous!

And on Saturday, another dear friend brought me this beautiful green plant.  I have been thinking that I needed some green in my house . . . how did they know?!

Creative Me . . .

Hometalk | Electrical Reel up cycle:  
So Cute!  I found this on Hometalk, I always wanted to make one, maybe with these directions, I will be able to make it happen!

Desk DIY: Recycle old door into new desk - Handy Father:

This is something else I want to do.  I found this one on, handyfather.  I'm going to try to re-do my computer room and I think I could put this right over my old computer desk, it would be a great update for my very old desk!  

From my Library . . . Ive been reading my scriptures, so I haven't had much time to read anything else.  I'm almost done, and I have a few good books downloaded on my Kindle, so I should get to them.  I love to read, but I have a hard time reading during the day.  Reading at night helps me fall asleep, although I have crazy dreams sometimes because of it!

Looking forward to . . . I can't wait until, General Conference this week-end.   Then, in April, we are taking our annual anniversary trip.  I can hardly wait to get our little trailer on the road again!  Some friends of our were going to go with us, but because of other commitments they won't be able to go. . .  :0(   But, it's only March, we have the whole summer to have fun with them! 

What's cooking . . . My kitchen has been very boring.  My husband and I are on a low carb diet, and it's hard to come up with really good recipes that I would want to share.  Tonight we had steak and green salad, nothing fancy about that.  But, I really love low carb tortillas.  They are wonderful for breakfast filled with scrambled eggs and bacon, or like today, we had wraps with a little cheese and turkey and pepperoni, they were yummy!  I also have found I have a love for, vanilla almond milk, not sweetened of course, it's really delicious!

Just Sayin' . . . 

Everything happens for a reason!:  

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Blessings . . .

I know that my Redeemer lives!

Have a very blessed Easter!

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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Peek into my Week . . .

Something from my Playlist and Mother Nature. . . It's almost, Springtime in the Rockies . . . a girl can dream can't she!?  It's been cold here for the last week, and the forecast is calling for rain tomorrow.  It's a typical Idaho springtime!  I'm hoping that everything will be green and beautiful by May!  

I really love to hear, Don Edwards sing, very soothing for my country soul.

On my Mind . . . I'm really far behind on my blog, in fact, I have been going back and forth for a week, trying to get this post finished!  Needless to say, a few things have changed during the week, and I have had to change this post . . . more than once!   The last few weeks have been kinda crazy for me. I'm hoping to settle down and get back on some kind of a schedule.  I told my husband this afternoon, that I really needed to get into a schedule so that I could do the things that are important to me . . . like blogging!

March is my, "many birthday month".  My oldest grandson turned  17 last week and it sure does make me feel old.  I can so clearly remember him as a little baby, so darn cute and cuddly.  Trust me, there is nothing cuddly about a 17 year old grandson, he still gives me hugs, but cuddly . . . not so much.  I love him more than he will ever know.

Brody, another grandson, had a birthday last week as well, he turned 12.  He is smart, loves to read, loves to shoot, and was way excited to get a .22 for his birthday, he's excited about getting to go with his dad shooting.  Brody is a good son, a wonderful brother, an amazing grandson, and and a very good hugger!  Sure do love this boy!

I also had another grandson turn 8, a wonderful age, trying to find his independence, but still needs his mom and dad , , , and grandmas (he has 4!).  He has always been sensitive and kind, with just enough mischief to make you wonder what he is up to.  He's finally old enough to be a Boy Scout, so life is good!  He still gives good hugs . . . I love it, and I love him!

Tomorrow my mother will be having a birthday - she will be turning 88.  I can tell that she has lost ground over the winter.  The cold weather is hard on her, she has bad knees, a bad back and dementia, not a good combination . . . but she is a trooper, she just keeps on keeping on.  My sister and our  husbands are taking her out to diner for her birthday (we actually did that on Monday), she loves to get dressed up and go out to dinner.  I am hoping is isn't snowing (it was raining)!  My mother has always been a very determined, strong woman, and despite all of trials, she is still strong and determined!  I love her very much!

I'm Watching  . . . I'm excited to watch, Dancing with the Stars - well, because it's night now, I will just say I watched DWTS!  I have been trying to post this blog post for more than a week, so, I did watch it, and I can tell it's going to be a great season!  I also love, American Idol, some amazing talent has come from that show, so sad that this is their last year.  Hopefully, I will post this before Wednesday!

I'm Listening to. . . I can hear my husband watching TV in the other room, the soft buzz of the computer, an airplane flying overhead, and the wind blowing through the pine trees outside.  That was this afternoon - it is dark and quiet now, I can only hear the soft music on my computer, the TV news in the background, and my very noisy thoughts.

What's on my Menu . . . Not much going on in the kitchen.  I did make banana bread yesterday. (yesterday in this post was, Sunday) it was very delicious!

Monday - Black bean, corn and quinoa tacos, yum!  Dinner with my mom at, Perkins!
Tuesday - Chicken and rice casserole.  I make this with brown rice instead of white.
Wednesday - Eating out  - Refer to Monday!
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Homemade pizza with whole wheat crust
Saturday - We are getting together with our kids for dinner and fun!  We all get out of church at different times, so we thought we would get together and have dinner and an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.  I will be baking a big ham and making dessert - still not sure what calorie laden yumminess I will make.
Sunday - Easter dinner . . . leftovers from Saturday.

Around the House . . .  I have been spring cleaning.  My kitchen, dining room and living room have been cleaned!  Walls have been washed, trim and doors have been touched up and painted, and very dirty water has been dumped down the drain.  I love the way a clean house feels . . .

A Photo from my Week . . .

These were the candles from, Brody's birthday cheese cake.   I'm not sure you can see it in the photo, but all 12 candles burned a different color, it was very pretty!

Just Sayin' . . .

 Hoping to catch up soon!


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monday Musings . . .

Yesterday, it just rained buckets!  I knew the beautiful days we had the last week would not last!  It was just a sneak peek - but how wonderful it was to have nice warm sunny days, when the sky was more blue than grey.  I can see the buds fattening on the Poplar tree's bare branches, and I know that they will soon be full of birds, waking me up with their love songs, and calling for me to fill the feeders. Spring will come.  The world will be green again, then summertime will come, with her warm sunshine and busy days.  Are you ready for that?!

Painting by, Justin Clements

Oh, but I do love this time of year when all the brown earth, starts bursting with little green shoots of  . . . new!  I need to slow down, observe and listen to all the sweetness and beauty that surrounds me.

This cute picture just says, SPRING to me!

If you are a LILAC lover like me, this article had some beautiful pictures of Lilacs and some great tips on new varieties and how to care for them!  I can almost smell them!

Lily-of-the Valley! My favorite flower! Scrumptiously fragrant, tiny and delicate (unlike me!)  and tres cher (very expensive) to buy as a cut flower.  Limited season availability. Oh! It is also the Flower for the Month of May!:
And who cannot resist these beautiful, LILLY OF THE VALLEY?!  Don't they just remind you of spring!  They are so delicate and sweet.  These are the flowers I had on my wedding cake . . . many, many years ago!  We were married in April, so it was perfect!

vintage tea cup bird feeder:
Here are some really cute ideas for BIRD FEEDERS, and fun backyard ideas - this one was my favorite, I would just have to figure out how to keep the squirrels away!  

Have an excellent Monday!!