Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Journal . . .

It seems like my posts just keep getting further and further apart!  I need to start getting myself organized and make the time to blog . . . but it's hard . . . I feel like I have so much on my plate right now.  I have missed blogging, I miss reading about all of the wonderful dreams and heart songs of  my wonderful blogging buddies! 

I plan on making blogging a priority - this is my journal!  I need to write about all of those important things that happen in my life . . .  it's important.  I'm not the kind of person who can sit down with paper and pen, so blogging for me is the next best thing; and besides, it's a lot more fun!

I have missed a couple of pretty important dates in my "Journal".  My youngest daughter, Jessica,  had a birthday on the 10th of May.  I can hardly believe my children are getting old, more mature!  We sure do love her!

Jessica when she was only 2 months old . . .so cute!

Ben and Jessica's engagement pictures.  She hasn't changed, still my beautiful daughter!

Chris and Diana had a wedding anniversary on the 21st of May.  Two years have gone by so quickly . . . it seems like just yesterday I was planning their wedding dinner!  I wish them happiness forever and ever!  Love them too!

 Chris and Diana's engagement pictures. 

 Diana was and still is a beautiful bride!

I'm going to hold myself to blogging at least twice a week!  I have so much to share, since it's been soooo long!  Good night all!



  1. Beautiful photos. I love blogging. Just went to a luncheon yesterday and it's so darn much fun to meet people you already know. We had a blast. I wish I had had it you know like -- 50 years ago and I'd have used it as an actual journal. It's such a unique way of doing it. And you can do anything with a blog. I've got 18 of them - most all of them family history. It's a neat way to keep stuff organized.

  2. Hi Barb! I understand how hard it is to find time to blog. Especially this time of year! Hope everything is going well for you and your beautiful family this spring.
    Looking forward to more posts and seeing what you've been up to.
    Hugs, Cheryl

  3. Since I started blogging daily I feel like I've become addicted to it. I keep telling myself I need to slow down and focus on some other things. So I guess it's hard to get it right too little or too much. lol

  4. Good plan. I for one miss you alot. Hope your plan comes a reality. You'll make all of us happy. Hugz!

  5. Dear friend, I always miss your blog. I find two times a week is about all I can do. I love the blogs that are journal. I think that is a great way to journal. In fact, it just gave me a thought about my own journal, thanks!
    I loved this post. The pictures are so cute. Cute little baby Jessica; I loved that one. I can't believe that Diana and Chris have been married for two years. Wow, time flies; doesn't it?
    Love and hugs to you!

  6. Dearest Barb, it is so good to see you writing once again. Whenever you have the inkling to write, it is a delight to us all. I understand about life just whizzing by and finding time to do everything we want. It is impossible at times.

    Your daughters are lovely. What sweet pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  7. Thanks Mom!!! I too love your posts-keep them coming.I was sad I didn't have time to stop today! Love you!!!


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