Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratitude Tuesday . . .

Averi, playing Christmas carols on the piano!
Well, here it is Gratitude Tuesday again, and I have so much to be thankful for!  Today, I am so grateful for all the small things that I take for granted each day.

Sunday night, I had the opportunity to listen to the most wonderful lady speak at a Bishops Fireside for the youth, about trials and adversity.  She talked about how she always wanted to play the piano.  She had worked at it, and worked at it, until she was really good and finally felt comfortable playing in front of people.  She had learned all the hard things, and actually loved playing in church and for groups.

One summer afternoon, her life changed.   She was mowing the lawn when it started to rain.  She was in a  hurry, and tried to unplug the mower by putting her hand down the grass thrower to unplug the mower.  She heard a "crunch" and immediately knew what had happened; the mower had cut off four fingers on her right hand.  The story she told of her incredible journey and recovery was amazing.  Her story was truly one of prayer and faith.  She told of her constant and fervent prayers for strength, and how her righteous desire to play the piano again came true,  through faith, hard work her trust in the Lord!  She ended the night by playing the piano for us . . . and it was truly beautiful! 

"Like the mortal life of which they are a part, adversities are temporary. What is permanent is what we become by the way we react to them."

This  amazing woman did not let the accident slow her down or ruin her life, in fact, she said that it has been a most wonderful blessing!  

Today, help me to be ever mindful and thankful for all of the big and small miracles and blessings in my life!



  1. Wow Barb!
    An amazing story. I feel quite humble when I hear of people like this and am inspired at their courage through adversity.
    What a wonderful woman!
    Thanks for sharing
    Love and Hugs
    Debbie x

  2. That is a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness and healing. Thank you so much for sharing. There really is so much to be thankful for!

  3. I totally do not think I would be that strong. I'd be in a fetal position in a corner on the floor. I'm so amazed by people who can be like this woman. Incredible story.

  4. Oh what a story! It made me ache for her. I'm glad that she has once again fulfilled the desire of her heart. Averi looks so darling at the piano. I do love to see a child at the piano...

  5. Precious photo, Dear One...

    Gentle hugs,
    "I am excessively fond of a cottage;
    there is always so much comfort,
    so much elegance about them."

    ~Jane Austin

  6. Wonderful story, Barb! Too often we take things for granted, thanks for sharing this. And for sharing that sweet photo of Averi at the piano, too!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. WOW, what a story! What a neat lady. I think God can help us through anything for sure. Love the post below too! ;D

  8. What an inspiring story, and an amazing lady! And the quote is so true, we are shaped by how we respond to adversity. The photo of Averi playing the piano is so sweet!

    Have a lovely day, my friend! :)

  9. Oh my goodness - how awful! That poor woman. I nearly cut one of my ring fingers off, and I can only imagine the pain and feelings that she must've been going through! What an example to the rest of us!!!

    I'm sure lovin' all these sweet little faces on your blog the last couple of posts - Your grandkids are just absolutely precious, Barb. Can't wait to have a few myself!

    I love the comment your sister made about being thankful! I'm writing that one down so I can remember each night to be thankful!!!

  10. Mercy, Barb! I must be PMS or something, because that totally made me cry! You wrote to eloquently and I had goose bumps reading. THANKS for sharing this since I wasn't able to be there!
    You rock, sista! See you tomorrow night!

  11. That is a beautiful post. I bet that room was so full of youth in amazement. We all need inspiration like that.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Well we can't live in fear of what might happen and as a Christian we can trust that God will never leave us and He will give us the strength we need in times like this. Unfortunate accidents like this are hard to take. I'm glad this lady was able to depend on her faith to get her through it and somehow learn to play the piano again.
    That's pretty incredible.

  13. This is such an amazing story and I am so glad that you shared it with us.
    What a wonderful Blessing for this lady to be able to play again. God's love and mercies are so real and so precious. I can only imagine how many lives have been touched by this woman...
    Great post Barb..

  14. Thanks for telling me that story today! I think some of my trials are for sure some of my greatest blessings. I appreciate my life a lot more after the trials are over. :) I am shouldering Averi's trials only for a short time, she will be the one to be blessed beyond measure for her trials. She blesses me everyday though...even when she is being a HUUUGGGGEEE STINKER!!!

  15. This really does make you stop and think of all the things we should be grateful for. I love how the lady had so much faith, what a woman!!! Thanks Mom!!!

  16. This was a very inspiring post. I loved the story. Sometimes, I just feel so overwhelmed by how blessed we really are. I feel very blessed to have you as a dear sister friend. i am so grateful that I get to share your sweet daughter and our grandchildren; and of course James. Blessings, hugs and loves to you today!

  17. This is absolutely beautiful! Reminds me that we can all be in harmony simply by our faith! What an inspiration and blessing this lady is! Thank you Barb for warming my heart today!

  18. Barb,

    What a sweet story of faith. Thank you so much for sharing it and for your prayers as well. {{HUGS}}


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