Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Night Highlights . . .

I'm still struggling through night shift! Thankfully, My oldest daughter called me and wanted to know if I could babysit Averi, my adorable and very sweet little granddaughter!

 Averi, being very patient waiting on her slow grandma!

Of course I was overjoyed - I knew that with her around, it  would keep me busy. Averi loves to come to see me, and has even been praying about it, isn't that cute?!  She really loves to watch movies with me, (I think she just likes to cuddle!), so we finally decided on, "Jungle Book".  She was very funny, always asking me who was talking and how old they were - blind kids have such a different perspective than we do!! She especially loved Kaa, the snake, because she loves the name Kaa, and she loved to listen to him sing!

I figured that we would have some time to play and talk after the movie, but as soon as the movie was over, she wanted to brush her teeth and go to bed!  I was so offended . . .  ;0)  So, off to bed she went . . . happy as a bumble bee!

Don't you just love sleeping children~

I guess it's time for me to turn in too . . . good night all!


  1. Such a precious sweetheart - you are so lucky to be her nana!

  2. Nothing, nothing, nothing compares to watching babes sleep. When my daughter was a baby, I often rocked her to sleep...and continue to rock and watch as she slept until she awoke.

    Your Sleeping Beauty is adorable!

  3. What a precious way, to get through the night shift. Precious for you and certainly precious for her. :-)

    What's better than snuggling with your Grandmomma? Nothing!

    Gentle hugs,
    "When the wind through the trees
    makes a path for the moon."
    ~~Edith Thomas

  4. Sweet and dear to be sure. (Not to get off topic, but I have a cyber blind friend who tells me about movies for the blind where the action is perfectly described much like a radio program. You've probably heard of them, though I'm not sure how many children's films have been modified that way.)

  5. Hi Barb, Averi is such a little sweetie. I think it's so precious that she had been praying to come to see you! There's nothing sweeter than children when they are sleeping. And sometimes when they are awake...LOL! (You know I'm just joking!) Enjoy your weekend!

  6. How adorable! She is such a special little girl! Love you! Valerie

  7. Grandchildren are a great comfort and I love spending time with mine and they love spending time with their grandma. I've been sick again and am laying low today. I'm getting a lot of reading done. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. What a fun time.
    That is awesome that she would go to bed so easily. She is beautiful.

    Hope the nightshifts end soon.

  9. Hi Barb..
    First thanks for all your sweet thoughtful
    comments on my blog.. so appreciate your
    friendship !! and the prayers too...

    Such adorable granddaughter you have..Granny's
    little darlin' you are so blessed :-)such
    a sweetheart Averi is..

    Enjoyed you sharing .....
    Warm Autmun Blessings

  10. Nothing beats a sleepover at Grandma's and being able to cuddle and share a movie. Averi is so blessed to have you. Loved the picture of
    her "praying" to come be with you. These are certainly moments to be treasured. Nola

  11. What a precious time with your granddaughter! And I am partial to Bagherra but Kaa is quite interesting too! :)

  12. Hi Barb...

    I love this post! Averi is as cute as can be...Bless you dear friend...I know that your heart is as big as ever when you have this special quality time with her..How precious to be able to spend movie time with her...Something that I am sure she will never ever forget...
    I know your heart was thrilled!
    Hugs to you and to Averi.


  13. Oh the memories! Going to Grandma's to spend the night is so special. Aren't you glad she is comfortable and not whining to go home? Averi seems so sweet.

  14. Oh Barb, I am so grateful that you are able to spend precious moments with our adorable little Averi. I remember what a joy it was to have her sit on my lap in the evening. It was such a sweet moment.
    I wrote another article on Averi on The Mormon Women site; here is the link:
    She is such a miracle to us all!
    Love and hugs to you.


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