Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook . . .

FOR TODAY June 16, 2011

Outside my window...It's cloudy and cold - I think it was only about 57 degrees the last time I checked the thermometer!

I am thankful for... Of course, I'm thankful for my family, especially for my husband.   He works so hard so that I can live comfortably and have what I need - thank you honey!

From the learning rooms... I never stop learning, sometimes I have to learn the same lesson, over and over again!

From the kitchen...  Julie's Cinnamon Roll Cake , it has become my husbands new favorite!

At first there was this much . . . 

And then . . .

there was none . . .yummy~

I am wearing... Black capris, an orange shirt and no shoes . . . I just can't wear shoes . . . it's summer . . . anyway, it's suppose to be summer!?!

Fun pictures to share... This is Brody, playing with Jess, an old horse who just loves kids - obviously, Brody has no fear of horses!  Brody has such a wonderful imagination, he plays really well by himself and just knows for sure that he has magic powers and can bend,  air, water and fire; apparently, he can work magic with horses you Brod-man!


I am going... going nowhere today!

I am reading... A fun book called, Vanished, a Maggie McKenzie Mystery, by Lynn Gardner.

I am hoping...
"When the world says, 'Give up,'
Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.'"
~Author Unknown~

I am hearing... Total silence - yesterday the wind was  blowing 40 mph, so I'm really enjoying the soft breeze that is blowing through the pine trees.

Around the house... I still need to do a load of laundry and vacuum  the floors. 
One of my favorite things... Watching my grandchildren grow~

Taylor Jo and Clara . . . 

Clara . . . sound asleep . . .
 Nathan . . . growing up way too fast!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Friday - Mow the lawn
Saturday - Work on a plan for Father's Day - yikes!
Sunday - Church - Celebrate our fathers!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."
~Henry James~

Warm Hugs.

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  1. I read the Maggie McKenzie books. I really enjoyed them! I'm also very glad the wind stopped blowing. I'm ready for summer!! Love you!

  2. The babies are growing so fast, and all the children are so beautiful - those wonderful happy faces.

    Will have to see if our library has any books by Lynn Gardner. Don't recognize the name, so I'm guessing it might not. Those plates! There used to be some like those around at Mom's or Grandma's. Wonder what happened to them? Probably got broken over the years. Will have to try the cake recipe. Sounds like it would be perfect to serve at the "gabfest" after church. Thanks for passing along the recipe.

    Are you sure it is 57? I thought so this morning and looked again around noon. It was only 47. It is just plain wet and cold. Hugs to you too!

  3. I loved all of glad you like my cake, we do too! I so loved the pictures of a sweet boy, outside, using his that is a healthy child! I love the quote too and may I add..when the world says you can', God says, you are my child and you can! :D

  4. That cake looks ever so moreish!
    Your grandchildren are delightful.

  5. I envy you so much your cold temps. It's 30C here and humid!
    Those babies are just adorable all snuggled up!!

  6. This post is wonderful is so many that delicious cake a horse playing with Brody those cute little grandchildren and even going barefoot.

    We're trying to have good weather if only the wind would just stop blowing!

    Thanks for the lovely post!!

  7. Beautiful photos, all.

    But I especially am drawn to Brody and the horse. Maybe it's because I so envy him. I never had the opportunity to be around horses, and thus, am afraid of them. Which is not *life threatening,* but it's sad.

    So I'm so happy for him, for what he has the opportunity to experience.

    But I bet he will never appreciate it, as much as this old lady does, looking on at him. :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  8. Hi Barb, I love all your photos, especially the ones with the horses in them. I love horses! Having grown up on a farm with lots of horses to ride, I was a lucky girl. But, haven't been riding in too long! I miss it. Hope your temps warm's too warm here. And I awoke to thunder and rain this morning. So no yard work today, I'll let Mother Nature water my flowers. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You're waiting for Saturday to make a plan for Father's Day? Wow. I need some of that relaxed attitude. Ha!

    All the grands are darling, but that little horse whisperer is something else. Too sweet.

  10. Hi barb.. It is 101 today and I mean hot here in East Texas.
    gonna have to try this cake. My kids love cinnamon.
    darling pictures of some really cute kids.
    Hope your weekend is fantastic.

  11. hello Barb,
    You have a lovely blog and the music is very soothing too.
    I am leaving this comment for two reasons. I am very concerned about Trish at Dusty Tatter Cupboard Doors. I haven't heard from her several weeks and am worried that she may have been in the area of the Arizona fires. I even called her and no answer. Do you know anything about her well being. She is very dear to me and I am so worried. Please, would you mind trying to contact her.

  12. That cinnamon cake looks dangerous! Yumm!!!

    Your grandchildren are so precious. Thank you for sharing all your pictures with us!

  13. 6/20/'11

    Yes Barb, I too have the Midsummer's Eve painting, of the girl standing in the Faerie Ring. :-)))) Love it.

    Happy Midsummer's Eve

  14. I loved reading your Simple Woman's Daybook. I want to come and spend a day just with you. I used to love to go out to our farm and play so the pictures of Brody were awesome. Taylor Jo's picture with Clara was priceless. You have such adorable grandchildren and at least half are mine too.
    I need your Cinnamon Cake recipe; it looks so yummy.
    I can spend time with blogs this week. I had my ankle surgery so I am busy blogging with my leg up and ice on the ankle.
    Blessings to you! Love and hugs too!!

  15. Hi Barb - I've tried to post here twice before but it keeps refusing me! Let's see if it works, then I'll write some more...

  16. Hey! It worked! Great - I thought something was wrong!

    Your little ones are so precious and I love all the pics with the horse and your little Brody. A kidlet after my own heart - I LOVE horses - even old ones. Just love the way they smell and everything!

    I hope to be back more - we've been moving (finally) and I'm anxious to get everything in it's place (and if it doesn't have a place, I'll make one or out it goes!) Have a wonderful week!

  17. The cake looks like it would become my favorite as well. The picture of little Clara sound asleep is adorable.



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