Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Quick Update . . .

Our beautiful Little,  Nathan Robert is improving!  His mommy and daddy got to hold him today, although, he is still on oxygen and has pneumonia in one lung, he is doing better and getting wonderful medical treatment.  They have him sedated so that he doesn't move around and get too agitated, that helps keep his oxygen level up.   I can hardly wait to cuddle with this adorable little man!  He reminds me so much of his mother when she was born.  As the grandmother, my heart just breaks for my daughter.  Watching your children go through such stress, pain and frustration is almost harder than if you had to go through it yourself . . . I would love to take her pain away.  Hopefully, he will be able to go home next Tuesday.  Please continue to pray for our sweet boy.

 My sister graciously gave me permission to post her adorable little granddaughter's picture, as her blogger isn't working for her!   Introducing the beautiful, Jane Josephine!  I wish I would have taken a picture of her without the hat.  This little girl has the most beautiful, lush head of hair I have ever seen!  Her father is half Peruvian, so she inherited that beautiful olive skin tone and a head full of gorgeous black hair, she is such an angel!   She is thriving and doing well enough to go home tomorrow.  Mommy is also doing great!

We are all feeling tired today, but very blessed to have these two beautiful babies in our lives.  What fun they will have getting to know each other and sharing a birthday! 

Warm Hugs,


  1. I am so happy that he is doing better. I have been praying and worrying and finally got through to Amber for an update.
    Their names will be on the Temple Roll and prayers are being sent. Sending our love and I so understand as you well know how hard it is to seeing your children go through something like this and having a sweet baby not doing well.
    Blessing and hugs to you all! LeAnn

  2. Oh Barb, not one but two precious additions to your family. You lucky duck! Hope his health improves in leaps and bounds so you can snuggle with your new little man soon.



  3. Beautiful brand new babies!!! :-)

    Hope everyone, and especially you, will rest a bit today. Rest now, so you can help your Daughter, after she goes home. She had an operation! And will need her time to rest and recoup, too.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Wonderful that he's doing better and you won't believe but I have two daughters, Josephine Louise age 45 and Jane Alexandra age 43!! I also have a son Jesse who is 31 but it's the girls names that struck me with your new grand niece or is is great niece???

  5. Hi Barb - glad to see that little Nathan is doing a bit better. I'm sure he'll be well and screaming at the top of his lungs very soon!!! ;-) Sweet babies, both...

  6. Prayers for you all! I'm so far behind I had no idea this was going on. May these two cousins grow be best friends. Hugs, Dear.

  7. Love those pictures! Hopefully Nathan gets better really soon!! That is so hard! Our prayers are with them! Love you!

  8. I'm praying Nathan will be able to come home soon too. Is you dd home? They are both beautilful babies. Linda

  9. Ohhh, poor little guy, I sure hope he gets all well! Darling baby girl too..I felt like I stepped into Heaven coming here and seeing these sweet little spirits! :D

  10. Just catching up tonight Barb. Congratulations on your new grandson! I will be praying for him, and all of you. I know what your daughter is going through, our third son had major problems at birth, and I didn't get to hold him for a few days. You feel so helpless.
    I love the story of the girls having their babies the same day. God is Awesome, and you dear friend will soon be giving that grandson all the kisses and hugs you want too.

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  12. Hi Barb,
    I loved seeing these pictures of your sweet little grandbaby. I'm glad Jessie's doing well, and I hope little Nathan continues to improve. He's gorgeous, isn't he?!

    I also love the picture of you and your sister. How much alike you look, but so different, too. Honestly, you don't look like you've aged! Gorgeous.

    ps. I've tried posting on your blog a few different times, but have had trouble with the profile settings/interface. Wish me luck this time. :)

  13. Barb,

    Please forgive me for not commenting (and praying) sooner. I have been out of sorts still and I will add these two angels to my prayer list.


  14. My best to all the many, many babies in your life!!! :) Glad to hear the little man is improving. Such beautiful babies you have in your family!

  15. I came by to see if you ahd your sweet new little addition and I ahve to admit he is beautiful as is his sweet new cousin.
    Oh, my heart goes out to you and my prayers will be added. I pray he is doing well now and is happy at home with his mommy and daddy loving him and you are getting your fair share of the sweet new baby heaven too.
    I too gave birth to two very sick lttle babies boys of our own born there in Idaho Falls by c-section. It just brought back very tender memories of having to leave the hospital twice without my warm precious bundles in my arms. They are all grown and daddies themselves now yet that tender ache in my heart remains. Much love to you and to your wonderful family.
    PS Did your sister live in Ammon about 34 year ago? If so was she in the same ward as Bonita Jardine? She looks so familiar to me.

  16. I can only imagine how wearying this has all been for everyone. But oh how sweet that you know the comfort of the Lord and that you've all pulled together to root for this little dear one to be able to get strong and go home. Still praying...


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