Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drip, Drip, Drip . . .

I've had such a hard time blogging lately!  I think I have "blogger's block". 

The sun is shining and I have icicles just drip, drip, dripping away outside my windows, and that makes me a very happy girl!

Yes, that is actual sunshine, shining through the trees and melting the icicles!

I hate to admit it, but the sun, shining on the snow today was really quite beautiful!  I know I complain and complain about the weather, but you know what - I will also complain when it's too hot . . . . :0)

I decided to clean my kitchen and de-clutter a few things that have been driving me crazy - wipe down the cabinets, thoroughly clean the oven and stove top, re-arrange a few things on my counter top . . . and then enjoy this . . . 

A hot cup of pumpkin spice herbal tea with a delicious slice of pumpkin chocolate chip bread from my favorite bakery.  Now really, can it get any better than this on a cold, sunny, drippy, winter day?

My daughter and her three kids were in a car accident on Thursday evening - no one was hurt, although, it could have been a very serious accident, as it was on a very busy road.  When she called me, I truly thought my heart just stopped beating!!  I just thank Heavenly Father everyday for tender mercies which he so freely gives each of us . . .  

We still don't have a baby - I'm guessing I will have to wait until Tuesday to hold a sweet new baby - don't you just love the smell of new babies?  I can hardly wait!

Have a wonderful week-end! 



  1. Hi Barb

    So lucky re the accident. A new babe to melt your heart how lovely!



  2. Very lucky daughter indeed!

    I put my car in the ditch a couple of weeks ago but I was going so slowly, I couldn't possibly have been hurt. We live on a dirt road and when it's ploughed no one is ever sure quite where the edge is and I went just a little too close and the snow sucked me in. Hubby and the tractor to the rescue!

    That's why I rarely blog. I have nothing to say so I wait till I am inspired which isn't often!!

    Nothing quite like the scent of a new baby...

  3. First of all, I am so thankful that your family was protected by God's awesome hands.
    What a Blessing to be thankful for!
    And if it's alright, can I envy you for just one quick moment? I love babies and I do love their sweet smell. I never get tired of the soft feel of a new born baby...
    Now...I have to tell you how much I love that cup! My colors, my size and I bet I would even love whats in it...
    Girl, I know you are glad to see that sun shining...just puts a warm spirit in your heart doesn't it?
    I always enjoy your post. Hope you have a terrific Sunday..

  4. Yummy! You just made me hungry. God is good! I'm so glad everyone is okay. I too love the smell of babies. Oh to hold a little baby again...what a blessing!

  5. Hi Barb, I'm thankful your loved ones were not hurt! Scary! The Lord was watching over them for sure!

    It's ok, I have bloggers block, too - we're just too busy right now. Blogging is so fun and I love all my friends here, but we have to put it on the back burner sometimes. I hope you'll have a baby next week! THEN, you'll be really busy! Have a nice week - glad it's dripping!

  6. Oh Barb! I'm so thankful with you that the family was not injured in that car accident! Truly the Lord is so merciful to us and ours!! I've been praying for the safe labor and delivery of your expected grandbaby. Looking forward to the news of his/her arrival!

  7. Drip, Drip, at first I thought these were thoughts to help my water break so I would go into labor....hahaha!! BUT I do do love the sunshine coming through the clouds-I am hoping we won't have to bring the baby home in a snow storm. And yes, I too am watering at the mouth!

  8. So sorry about the accident, but glad is was not worse. Ugh, this weather.

    Yes, a lot of blogger blog going around I think. The time of year, maybe? :-)

  9. I'm so glad your daughter and children are safe. I can't imagine how frightening and upsetting the phone call must have been. But, so glad they were being watched over and protected. Loved your picture of the sun shining through the trees and the melting icicles. I am so looking forward to warmer days and spring. But, I know, I too, will soon be complaining about the heat. I really get tired of the snow, but I do enjoy the cooler weather. I'm envious of your kitchen. Need you to come do mine! Isn't it such a good feeling to de-clutter. I have spent several days now at my shredder and it feels good to be getting rid of a lot of old files, papers, etc., that are no longer necessary to keep. I hope to reorganize the storage closet downstairs once I get all of this done and have more space. I love new borns and the sweet fragrance they have. There is just something so special about them having just left our Heavenly Father's presence. Will certainly be thinking of you and will be anxious to hear of the safe arrival of your new little grandchild. Your pumpkin chocolate chip bread looks so yummy. So glad you took a few minutes to relax. Nola

  10. Thank the good Lord your daughter and her family are ok. God is good! That bread looks delicious. I've been noshing on toasted English muffins with orange butter lately -- yum.

  11. Hi Barb, I'm so glad your daughter and family are ok. What a scare!

    I hope you get that new baby soon. You are probably on pins and needles waiting!

    I think I have the blogging-block, too. Or just too much on my mind to think about blogging. I don't think there is anything a bit wrong about taking needed breaks from it.

    Have a good week!
    Hugs, Cheryl

  12. Oh the anticipation of a new baby, what joy. God was watching over your dd and fam. We have sun today too and from my window I can see some beautiful blue sky. I'm hoping it will warm up enought this month that I can start walking a little. We all get blog block. I think I have it most of the time, but I manage to get something up there once a week. That's really why I'm not blogging more. It's just nice to touch bases. Linda

  13. Sounds like you have good times ahead! Hurray!


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