Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Mumbling . . .

I love the look of this kitchen - the curtain on the window, blowing in the breeze, the little white kitten sitting by the stove, the red chair, the yellow walls . . . so pretty!

First of all this morning, prayers go out to Vee at  Vee's mother passed away on the 15th.  I know that this is a very difficult time for her and her family.  Please think of her today, and keep her in your prayers, she is such a sweet lady.

The sun is trying to peek through today!  Yesterday it rained all day long, melted some of the snow and made lots of puddles.  It was 35 degrees when I got up with my husband at 4:30 a.m.  I think the high today will be almost 40 degrees!  I'll open a few windows for a while and let some fresh air in - this time of year, I just need fresh air, whether it's 35 degrees or 5 degrees!!

Remember making Valentine boxes at school with crepe paper and construction paper?  We also used to make pouches that we would hang on the wall for the class to put our Valentines in.   I remember my mother used to set the card table up in the living room for us to write out our Valentines on.  I'm not sure why she did that, but it sure is a fun memory.   At school we would make a list of all the kids in our class, then, we would carefully select the perfect Valentine . . . for the "Perfect Valentine", there was at least one or two in each class!  Valentines were so much prettier then, don't you think?

Last week, I posted my menu for the week.  It worked so well!  I stuck to it, and I saw the numbers on the scale go . . . down!!  I do much better with a list - so, here goes - week #2.

Monday - Homemade pizza with whole wheat crust, lots of veggies, lean hamburger and low fat cheese.

Tuesday - Sweet and sour cabbage with turkey sausage and oven roasted potatoes.

Wednesday - Roast chicken with rosemary and lemon, steamed carrots, left-over roasted potatoes, fruit.

Thursday - Shepherd's pie (Low cal), raw veggies with light dressing, Jell-O with whipped topping.

Friday - Light Quiche Lorraine, spinach salad, whole wheat roll.

Have a wonderful day, think good thoughts, and smile - it makes people wonder what you're up to . . . ;0)

Warm hugs,


  1. -clapping hands- Oh beautiful! A warm and wonderful new blog look here!!! :-) Now, doesn't that feeeeeeeeeeel better, even when you write a post?

    And nice long post it is! Sadness and joy, but that's what all of life is made up of.

    So glad posting your weekly menu even made for a diff on the scale. That in itself, is a mood lifter. [Maybe it shouldn't be... Suppose we should not, not, not let a scale dictate our mood but... It's OK to be happy, for any reason!!!]

    Your mentioning Valentines when we were kids, reminds me of a sweet Valentine's Day story. Which for some reason, I remember from 'way back.' Perhaps it was read to us, in school? Guess I really like it, anyway... Have never forgotten it.

    Thank you for reminding me, of it. It can be a posting idea! I can use that, one of these days before Valentine's Day.

    -more clapping of hands- I'm so happy that you were sweet enough not to be offended by my "poking my way" into your blog look. I am such an ol' busy body! Really one idea of a typical "Auntie." One who is always ready to say; "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!"


    -looking ashamed-


    Hugs & ♥'s...
    'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

  2. Love the picture of the kitchen, very "Little House On The Prairie" - my fav show as a child :]

  3. I really like that little picture too. Sounds like a really good menu, it really helps to do that doesn't it?! I am so glad my bread recipe turned out good for you! Everyone that has tried it has come back with the same comments, that makes me happy! :D

  4. Hi Barb! I agree about the fresh air, some is badly needed about now. And I remember the Valentine boxes. What a fun memory! Keep the menus a comin', they give me good ideas! Thanks. Hope you have a good week. Hugs!

  5. I love the look of the kitchen too. I also love the meal plan. I see we share a fondness for Rat Pack music. Hope you have alovely week.

  6. Hi Barb,
    Love the new look for your blog! It shouts of happiness and joy and just makes me smile when I look at it. Seeing your Valentine certainly brought back memories of grade school and how exciting we would get to decorate our Valentine box. It also brought to mind how much fun it was to share Valentines with friends in the neighborhood who weren't in your class. Sometimes they were. We would either sign our name or leave it signed with "Guess Who?" We would drop the Valentine on the porch, knock on the door and run hoping not to get caught. Such a fun time. I still have many of these wonderful Valentines in a scrapbook. Like them so much better than the ones out there today. Nola

  7. I love the picture too...very sweet!

    I remember making Valentine boxes in school. And signing valentines to give my friends...having trouble deciding what one to give to a boy I liked! (I didn't really want him to know I liked him!) :) Sweet memories!

    Your menu for the week sounds very yummy. I hope that you enjoy a wonderful week!

  8. Barb,

    Such a cute valentine!

    I love your menu. May I come to dinner? When you get a chance would you please share your shepherd's pie recipe?

    Stay warm!


  9. I loved your spring layout today. You always have a way to capture my heart with your thoughts. I loved the picture of the kitchen. I have always loved old fashioned kitchens and remember the breezes that would come floating in the room when the windows were opened.
    The valentine thoughts brought back some sweet memories. I feel so sad that children today don't do some of the fun things that we used to do on Valentines.
    I loved your meal plans; if I was close would you do the shopping and cooking for me; I know this is a very good way to accomplish weight goals and I need to get back to actually having a plan. Love, hugs and blessings to you my dearest friend.

  10. Love the picture Barb , and I too have been praying for Vee, she is such a sweet heart, and has had a tough year, with losing her grandmother and mother.
    The vintage Valentine and your thoughts brought back many wonderful memories, Thanks! and your menu sounds good too, and by now you have finished it. Thanks for always being so sweet and kind.


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