Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY  - July 12, 2010

Outside my window... It's dusk and the wind has finally slowed down just a tad!  We had 40 mile an hour winds gusts all day, so the quiet sounds nice.

I am thinking... About all the things I need to get accomplished tomorrow - I need to make my to-do list tonight so I don't forget everything, I usually forget the important things first!!

I am thankful for... So many things tonight!  But, I am especially thankful for my testimony of the gospel, for my deep conviction and belief that God lives, that Christ is His Son, and the Savior of all.

From the learning room... So many lessons to be learned!  Mostly I learn from being humbled, making mistakes and learning from them.  I can be my own worst enemy! 

From the kitchen... In the morning, I think I will put chicken of some kind in the crock-pot.  I'm not sure what my day will be like, so I want to try to plan ahead.  I'm trying to be more organized in my menu planning, it's hard when you are only cooking for two.  For Christmas a few years ago, my daughter gave me a wonderful cookbook, called, Cooking for Two, by Debbie G. Harmon.  It has so many wonderful recipes that are easy and really delicious.  I always have to modify them for my new way of eating, but they still work!

I am wearing... Black capris and a white t-shirt - aren't I boring?

I am creating... Nothing right now . . . not one thing! 

I am going... To have my gallbladder out on Thursday - I am very ready for this surgery, I can't tell you what a relief it will be!

I am reading... From Sea to Shining Sea, by James Alexander Thom.  It's an historical novel about American's westward expansion, based in the late 1700's - I love history!

I am hoping... That I have a quick recovery with no complications.

I am hearing... Ashokan Farewell playing softly on my playlist.  I loved the Ken Burns, PBS documentary of the Civil War - this is a lovely song from that series.

Around the house... Last week I had a tea party for my sweet little granddaughters and their moms -  it was so fun (the boys came too!).

We served tea (apple juice) from the "grandma tea pot" - the kids loved it, and everyone had to take a turn pouring.  We ate from old china, that was a gift from a dear friend, and had lots of goodies.  I had mint tea - Averi thought it smelled like a skunk, so none of the kids would try it except for Caleb, who's two, and he loved it!

Emily brought her, Beatrice Potter tea cup that she got for her birthday last year.

 I found two of these adorable tea cups from an old child's tea set at a local consignment shop - I just loved them - one for Taylor Jo and one for Averi.

Making memories . . . 

One of my favorite things... Candles that smell like cookies - I never have them burning, because they make me hungry, but they are one of my favorite things  . . . just sayin'!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  
Clean my house
Ditto . . .

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

(I took this picture last Friday in the beautiful mountains near Leadore, Idaho.)  
"Only in the roar of storms do these mighty solitudes find voice at all commensurate with their grandeur. . . . The pines at the approach of storms show eager expectancy, bowing, swishing, tossing their branches with eager gestures, roaring like lions about to be fed, standing bent and round-shouldered like sentinels exposed. . . "
~John Muir~ 

Gentle Hugs,


  1. Sigh~!
    I wish you lived next door :]

  2. Sweet pics...

    Best of luck with Thursday! I'll be thinking of you! You will be fine and so happy, with the results. Been there...Done that...Got the T-shirt, as they say. :-))))))))))

    I am officially off the Net for a couple of days. With my back and with "doctoring." But I wanted to tell you again, that I wish you alllllllll the best!

    Lots and lots of gentle hugs....

  3. Oh, can someone post here, that you had the op and are all fine... Late Thurs. maybe???????

    Please and thank you.

    If not, I understand.

    More hugs...

  4. The tea party was SOOO much fun! Everything was as if it were out of a magazine, we all loved it (even the boys). Thank you for the fun little party, food and company, you were wonderful as always! Love you!

  5. Hi Barb, just wanted to drop by and wish you well with the upcoming surgery. I'll say a prayer for you. Let us know how you are doing when you can!

    Looks like you had a wonderful party for the grands. They are very fortunate to have such a loving grandmother! Great photos!

  6. Looks like fun!

    That wind! Thought it was going to take out one of our trees. Sure cooled things down and brought in a bunch of clouds.

    Prayers for you that all goes well on Thursday.

  7. Your grandchildren are so blessed to have you and what wonderful memories you are creating. Tea parties are so much fun and how fun that the boys were invited too.
    I hope all will go well with your surgery and that you will have a quick recovery. Will keep you in my prayers. Hope you'll let us know how things went when you can. Nola

  8. Hi Barb,
    I enjoyed reading your daybook...especially your tea party. How fun! Your tea table is so pretty. I love the Beatrix Potter tea cup. I hope I have granddaughters some day! :) I love candles that smell like cookies too.

    Praying for your surgery on Thursday, that the surgery will go well, and you will have a quick recovery. Let us know how you are getting along. God bless. :)

  9. Your tea party looks so sweet! I wish that I could join you!

    Please let me know how you like that book. I'm mostly cooking for 2 now and it feels so strange. I am still cooking too much!

    Have a lovely day



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