Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple woman's daybook . . .

FOR TODAY, June 8, 2010

Outside my window... The sun is finally shining, but not for long :o(  That's ok though, I will take what I can get!  The birds are so happy that they can eat out of the bird feeder without getting soaked.  They are chirping and singing and really making a nice choir together.

I am thinking... that instead of typing, I should be getting ready to go to my mother's new apartment!

I am thankful for... for other people, who are selfless and are willing to accept my mother at her new place.  She told me yesterday that she had lunch and then stayed for a "sing-a-long".  She has a beautiful voice and loves to sing, so I was so excited for her!  I think she will do alright in her new home.

From the learning rooms... My lesson this week - each day is a new lesson.  I try to learn something new each day, could even be something I have already learned, but tucked away in the canyons of my brain!  Last Thursday, I learned how to make soaked wheat berries.  They are absolutely delicious.   It has made me think about the way I have been eating, and forcing me to eat better.

From the kitchen... I haven't thought that far ahead . . . maybe whole wheat pizza crust with a wonderful veggie topping, yummmm.

I am wearing... Blue jeans and a green and brown top, barefoot, so far . . . I will be forced to put my Birks on to go outside.

I am creating... a garden!  I was able to go outside, between the clouds and rain and get my garden in!  I think the soil had just the right amount of moisture in it, that I won't have to water it until things start popping out of the ground.

I am going... to have my daughters and their children over tomorrow - I love to have them come and spend the day with me!   School is out and it's time to have some fun!!

I am reading... The Chronicles of Porter Rockwell.  It's very interesting . . . .

I am hoping... that I don't have gallstones!  I have had a pain in my side and back for over a week!  They say that sometimes, when you lose weight, your gallbladder will act up.  So . . . I may be making a visit to the Dr. this week.

I am hearing... Birds singing outside my window.

Around the house... I'm going to try to get myself organized!  I have so much to catch up on.  We are going to have some work done on the poor lighting situation in my house.  Why did they not put ceiling lights in homes in the 70's? 

One of my favorite things...flowers in pots and herbs growing in pots outside my kitchen!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Today - My mom and sis.
Tomorrow - My daughter and grandkids.
Thursday - Housework and maybe make bread.
Friday - Go to my nieces wedding reception.
Saturday - Try to do something fun to celebrate my son-in-law's birthdays, one on the 10th and one on the 14th!
Sunday - Church.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

And as the seasons come and go, here's something you might like to know.  There are fairies everywhere:  under bushes, in the air, playing games just like you play, singing through their busy day.  So listen, touch, and look around - in the air and on the ground.  And if you watch all nature's things, you might just see a fairy's wing.  ~Author Unknown

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  1. I always love reading your blog and especially when you describe your thoughts and what you are doing for the day. You are so awesome! I hope you don't have a gallbladder problem; if so the surgery is simple in today's world.
    Have fun with those adorable grandchildren of ours. I hope sweet Averi is about over with the chicken pox. Give them all a hug from me.
    Love to you! LeAnn

  2. I've never heard that about the gall bladder. I hope you are ok. Linda

  3. Your posts are always so enchanting and inspiring. Thank you for all you do for so many people. I love you so.

  4. Yay, for your garden, happy birds, a happy mom and Sunshine!!!

    I also hope your gallbadder is being good and you won't have to have surgery. I had a surgery for my back 3 years ago and I was told then my gallbaldder is Full of stones...but so far, so good! I am knocking on wood:) Please feel better.
    Enjoy your beautiful Grandchildren and give Averi an extra hug for me.
    I pre ordered Porter's book and haven't yet been able to start reading it. (sign) Orrin Porter is my husband's ggg grandfather. His daughter Emily Amanda from his 1st wife Luana, had a son Henry who had a daughter Laura who was Mr B's beloved grandma.:) Laura raised their family in Idaho where both Mr B and I are from. On his dad's side are the blacksmiths from the Hole in Rock group another interesting book (Undaunted) full of great pioneers.:) Enjoy the book! And only believe 1/2. He really was a wonderful man with a great heritage. Another one of his ggg grandsons is Elder C.Scott Grow of the first Quorum of the Seventy also from Idaho!
    I am trying to find a connection with you...can you tell? Are you related to Thomas E. Ricks of Ricks college??? He is my ancestor.
    Well, I have rattled along and maybe tomorrow I will write my Day Book a day late...which works becuase I am certainly a dollar short!;)

  5. Lovely warm entry. Sweet illustration.

    I'm so happy for your mother's situation. For her and for you.

    Did you tell us how to make soaked wheat berries? Sounds yummy. Ooops, I got all excited and remembered, can't eat wheat. :-(

    Oh please, please do get the "Infinite Arms" CD by the 'Band of Horses'! Honestly, I listen to it sooooo much. See, I'm really not "into" any popular music. If I turn on a radio, it is to the classical station and I only like to listen to light classical even. So this is so new/fun for me! :-) [I know I'm a wee bit nutty, for being 73, with my YA reading and 'BoH' fandom. But, I grab fun, where ever I can! :-))))]

    Ohhhh, and when one is OC about stuff, they find/join things like a news blog, dedicated to them... here. This blog is not interactive but Dave has a Forum too, accessible from that page. ,-) It's called "Ode to Boh" and you can put it in your Google Reader and see when Dave has new posting. On the Forum, you can join and join in chat if you wish.

    It's run by a seemingly nice young guy in the middle west. His girlfriend posts there too. [You will see me as 'Miss Mari-Nanci,' because I love the Southern way of calling all Ladies Of A Certain Age, by the title of "Miss" and their first name. Mmmm, yes that's my real life first name. I don't use it, in blog land though.]

    Sorrrrrrrrry to have high-jacked your Comments with such a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng one! ,-)

  6. HEy Barb,
    Thanks for always leaving such kind and encouraging comments. I really appreciate that! I love your new header! I will pray for you this week, hope you find answers or that the pain will cease!

    Yes, school is out! It's time to have some fun!! Have a blessed week! I need to do the daybook again!


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