Saturday, May 22, 2010

Turn out the lights, the wedding's over . . . .

Wow, what a day!  It was so much fun, so many festivities, music and food!  The bride and groom were so beautiful!   I want to share a few pictures of some fun moments we had.  We started on Thursday, with a fun family dinner with all the fixin's!  Pulled pork on French rolls,  a wonderful fruity pasta salad,  a huge green salad with homemade buttermilk and French dressing, lemonade,  an assortment of chips, and ice cream and brownies for dessert!  It was wonderful to get reacquainted with Diana's family.  

Jessica helping with last minute details - before the guests arrive

These three little amigos (cousins) were all born within two months of each other - Don't they look like mischief!  I'm not sure about the satellite dish behind them - they were probably trying to figure out how to fly to the moon!!
(Jacob, Kyle and Caleb!)

Chris and grandma Johnson at the luncheon!

Caleb and Payton - Puppy love!

There won't be many more times when mom gets to help with the tie. 
(I was on the verge of tears the whole day!)

Finally - after a very long day, the wedding was in full swing!  And it was beautiful!  We were all very happy to hear the words, "I do."

Our cute new grandson and best man.  He claimed he had nothing to do with decorating the truck, but I have the evidence!!

James, Amber, Diana, Chris, Jessica and Ben - my wonderful children!

Very impromptu picture!!!  I just love all of the expressions, I just wish I knew what each one was thinking - I can only imagine!!
(Christian, Averi, Taylor Jo, Diana, Chris, Brody, Emily and Caleb)
Very proud parents!

Stealing a kiss!

Receptions get kind of long, so it's always good to know how to make antennas with straws!  (Taylor Jo and Emily)

Finally the cutting of the cake!  

It was such a beautiful day, a few photos cannot even capture the sights and sounds of  this very special day!  We are so excited for Chris and Diana to start their life together and get on with the everyday challenges and miracles that life has in store for them.  I know that it will not always be easy,  but it's always easier when you have someone you love standing by your side.  Good luck . . . . we love you!

This was taken this morning, May 22nd!  Just a good reminder that having an outside wedding in May . . . in Idaho . . . is never a good idea - glad we changed our plans!!

I don't think I'll ever get my garden in!!

Time to go put my feet up!  Thank you for all the support and kind words - you are all such a blessing in my life!  

Warm Hugs.


  1. Oh, I love the pictures. It was all so beautiful and they are such a special couple. I am so happy for them. I hope you can put your feet up and really relax for a few minutes tonight. You did such a great job and the whole thing was delightful. Love you.

  2. It was such a beautiful wedding!! Hope you can relax a lot now!! Such cute pictures. THose three are little mischief running around aren't they!! Love you!

  3. God bless the new couple.

    Great pictures. Diana's dress is so beautiful; don't think I've ever seen a similar one. The kiddies are always cute. You certainly had more snow than here (Moscow), but it did spit it for a little while. I'm sure you really are exhausted. Hugs back to you.

  4. Oh I got tears in my eyes reading this Barb. I can imagine how you must have been feeling. What a beautiful couple they make.



  5. Beautiful!!! All!!!

    And especially YOU, my Dear! What a lovely Mother of the Groom.

    Now rest and kind of decompress and take it easy and............... Come back to more blogging. We'll be here.


  6. And Oh those 3 little boy cousins! I look at them and think of all the fun they will get into, growing up. -giggles-

    Yes, of course I love the sweetness of little girls. Of course!

    But little boys grab my heart too. Being as I had 2 of them. And now have 3 Grandsons. :-)


  7. Love the pictures. You and your husband looked very pleased. I'm happy for you that all went so well except maybe the snow. I keep reminding myself that most years it's raining on the 4th of July here. I've been working on my container garden, but it's not doing much. Enjoy your rest today. Linda

  8. What a happy day! What a beautiful family! You look gorgeous...I love your hair!

    Hope to get back to blogging soon...just wanted to drop by and say that I'm so glad you and your family had such a lovely day.

    Take care,

  9. It was a beautiful wedding! Such a great day. We are so happy for them and for all of you. And it snowed the day after I got married too, and our anniversary isn't even until next Thursday! I guess it's just a May wedding thing. I'm so glad I got to spend some time with your fam last week. We should do it more often!

  10. You did such an amazing job on everything!! It was a wonderful dinner and wedding. I am so happy for Chris and Diana and what a cute couple they make. I am glad that you were able to relax!! Love, Laura

  11. These are beautiful pictures!! Mom, you look so pretty in them!!!! I am glad to have 2 fab looking parents, not that I inherited it, but I am glad to be part of such a wonderful family! This was such a fun day-I too was ready to put my feet up. Let party again on Friday.....

  12. Barb,

    Everyone looks so happy and beautiful! What a lovely wedding. Aren't you exhausted? I was after my daughter was married. Have a restful Monday!


  13. Hi Barb,
    It looks like it was such a beautiful wedding! And everyone looks so happy!! I'm glad it turned out so lovely, and eveyone had such a good time. Thank you for sharing the photos. :)

    Our weather here today is overcast, and looks like rain (again)!

  14. What a lovely couple and wedding. I am so glad all went well. Clarice

  15. Hi Barb! Such beautiful pictures! Looks like a beautiful wedding. Wow, I am glad you didn't have an outdoor wedding. The snow just never wants to leave!

    Thanks for stopping by my Daybook! I am signing in here with my regular blog address. I love your journal, and will add you to my regular reads if that is ok.


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