Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Weather outside is frightfull!!

I just could not believe what I saw when I woke up this morning!!  Blowing wind, and 4 inches of snow, heavy wet snow, blowing sideways through the air!  I said I was not going to complain, and I'm not . . . I'm just expressing my concern!

I have large pine trees in my yard and they were just weighed down with snow!  pine trees love snow, right?

This is what the dog had to bound through just to go potty!  He was not impressed!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  For those of you who are fortunate enough to have sunshine and warm weather, enjoy it!  For those of you who are having frightful weather . . . I understand!  Stay safe all.



  1. Wow! And I was kind of complaining about only having buds out... Not lots of flowers, like some do.

    I will S-T-O-P complaining now. :-)

  2. Poor Coal dog!!! I just say sit down with a big cup of SF hot cocoa, watch a movie, pop some popcorn and enjoy the warmth you have inside your home. I seriously considered building a snow bunny but I already packed away the winter clothes...dang! Enjoy the beautiful whiteness outside and an enjoyable day with your hubby! Love you!

  3. wow. couldn't believe your post!! I had to check out where you lived! here in NJ its beautiful and a bit hot today! enjoy your snow!

  4. UGH! I thought that the soggy ground and the snow about halfway down the hill was bad enough. The sun is shining for a minute, but there is another big gray heavy cloud coming over the hill behind the house. (My husband was supposed to fly into the back country yesterday; I'm so glad he didn't go. He'd be stuck there.)

  5. I could not believe my eyes this morning either!! WOW! I know that we need the moisture, but did it really have to come in April... oh well, we are in Idaho! Love, Laura

  6. Oh my goodness...looks like a good day to put on a pot of soup and curl up with a good book. It's very windy here in MO and storms are forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Just hope we don't get anything like they did just north of us Sunday night. I don't do severe storms very well...I'd think I'd rather have snow. Take care!

  7. Oh dear Barb! It will soon pass.
    We are having temps in the 80's here in Tennessee. It's quite unusual I think.
    Snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and it enjoy it before the hot weather comes. :)



  8. I hope it melts quickly. It's suppose to be spring isn't it. We've been getting a lot of rain, but it was kind of warm today. Linda

  9. Barb,

    Oh dear and we all thought spring had arrived. I do hope your weather warms up and all that snow melts. {{HUGS}}


  10. Wow! I would be surprised too. I hope the snow soon melts, and you have beautiful, sunny (and warm) weather. :)


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