Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thrift Store Follies . . .

Yesterday I went to lunch with my sister and mother.  It's always so nice to get together and just relax and have fun!  We decided we would make a trip to the local thrift stores - and believe me, there are not many here.  We live in a pretty good sized town, we are considered a metropolis, but we do not have good thrift stores or second hand shops here.  I have found a few good deals in the past 30 years, but they are few and far between.  My sister, on the other hand, usually always finds something that she loves!  Having said that . . I did find a few things that I really liked this time around.   

I saw these candlestick holders and thought to myself how pretty they were - I know that the trend is to paint old wooden things like this, but these are really lovely, and for $4.00 I could not pass them up.  Then I turned them over to look at the bottom, to see if they had a sticker or anything on them, and this is what I found.

This set of wooden candlestick holders are 80 years old.  Now, really, how could I paint these?  Crayton, had given these to his mother for Christmas in 1930!  He was just 16 years old and probably made them in a shop class at school.   It makes me wonder why someone would give something like this away - do you ever wonder things like that? 

I'm not going to paint them, I think they are perfect the way they are right now.  They will match my antique oak table and chairs and will look just fine, and I will will think and wonder about Crayton, every time I use them.

I also found this beautiful casserole dish.  I remember my mother had, or maybe still has, one just like it.  My sister reminded me that mother always made baked eggs in it.  I don't know how old it is, but I can remember it as a child, and I'm old!  I just loved it!  I have always loved the pattern, so I could not resist it for $2.00.  I will make baked eggs in it - just for old times sake.

Then, last but certainly not least, my sister gave me a beautiful gift!!  We both love old Pyrex - she and her husband were in an antique store a while back and she found two of these beauties!

 I just loved the pink pattern on this little bowl, so needless to say, I was thrilled and overjoyed that she thought of me - It's just the right size for me and my husband!  The best part, was that she filled it with these . . .


Nothing like a bowl full of kisses to end a wonderful afternoon!!

Have a wonderful afternoon!



  1. that is amazing! I love things like that. Something so personal, I wonder why they were given away.

  2. LOVE the story of the wooden candlestick holders! I'm so happy for both Crayton and his Mother, that you have them and will cherish them.

  3. I adore thrift stores or OP(Opportunity)Shops as they call them here. The candlesticks bring a tear to my eye as I have a 16 year old son Brenton who makes me similar things at school and I would NEVER part with them. Perhaps as yours are so old they became part of a deceased estate and overlooked. Sad hey, although lovely to know that you will treasure them :]

  4. The candlesticks are lovely just as they are. That is truly sad that they have been separated from their family. I'm glad that you will give them a nice home.

    I had to laugh at comments about your area being considered a metropolis (which it is compared to where I live) and that you are old. No way. LOL

    Love the glassware. I have not seen that pattern on the casserole. Strange as we are about the same age.

  5. You found some wonderful things at the thrift store. I love the candlesticks, and story behind them, and also the casserole dish. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Hi Barb,
    What wonderful finds, and thank you for not painting those beautiful oak candle sticks. I just adore them, Oak is my favorite wood. and your candlesticks are priceless. Can you imagine the love that sixteen year old put in those candlesticks. Those are beautiful pyrex bowls too. I am so glad you had this time with your Mother and sister.

    We too do not have many or great thrift stores in our town and to be as large as it is I am surprised.I was wondering if we live in the same town. LOL.
    I am always reading of how my blogging friends find all these great finds at such great prices and wonder why we don't have the same here. lol I so enjoyed this post.
    Enjoy your week.
    Blessings, and Hugs,

  7. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Too tired tonight to address everyone separately, but just know that I love seeing your names when I log on! Your comments really do mean so much to me! Have a great day tomorrow!

    Warm hugs,


  8. What great finds! The candle sticks are full of meaning. My daughter bought my very own pyrex dishes the week after dropping them of to D.I.!!!
    The fun of thrifting!:-)

  9. I just read your womans day post. I should joi the DUP. My mom belongs in IF and jjust gave a talk about her g grandfather. We also ahd pioneers who came by handcart. The 7th and also Martin Handcart company besides others in the wagons.
    I too am trying to lose weight and it is hard the older we get! :-)

  10. Hi Barb, It sounds like you had fun. Thanks for your comments. Have you ever tried coconut flour? Linda


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