Friday, January 8, 2010

Teach Your Children . . .

Teaching the Birds to Sing

Music has always been a big part of my life - I have been called a music junkie by a few people!  I love to sing; I sing in the shower, I sing in the car, I sing when I am alone and I sing when there are people around me!  I probably have thousands of songs downloaded - and yes, I do listen to them!  Music makes my heart feel good and sets my soul free!

I love the picture of this little elf, teaching the birds how to sing - how many different songs do you think she had to learn to teach each little bird?  I was listening to one of my favorite songs today --  Crosby, Stills and Nash, "Teach Your Children Well".  At the same time, I was dealing with and watching someone I love, deal with some issues regarding life lessons, choices, depression, consequences and just major stress.  As I listened to the song, I thought to myself how important it is to teach our children the lessons and the values that we want them to have in their life.  Just like this little elf, we will be required to know and teach them lots of different songs to get them through life and help them fulfill all their dreams and ambitions.  I don't think that the elf just gave them a sheet of music so that they could see how the song looked on paper - she had to sing each song, each note, to each of  those little birds, over and over again until they knew it by heart, just like we have to teach our children the same lesson over and over again.  But, the little birds, like our children, also needed to hit a few "off" notes along the way, so that they could learn to stay on key and to get back on key if they went off.  I would hope that they would even try to sing off key, in a good way, or even write some of their own music!   And if we are lucky, they will never forget the song, they might forget some of the words or the melody, but they will never forget the song.  Unfortunately, some refuse to learn the song and never have to suffer the consequences of their own "bad notes", therefore, they never learn how to sing!  It makes my heart sad.  I'm not perfect, and I didn't teach my children how to sing all the notes, or to write all their own music,  but a mother never stops teaching her children the song- that's why I still sing . . .I just wish that I had perfect pitch!

"Tweet" dreams all, Barb


  1. You do have pretty near perfect pitch. Keep on singing. Love you.

  2. Good point! I have a goal to be a better mom this year, and teaching Kyle about life is how I need to do that. I'm glad that I have such a good teacher. I think that your kids do, too.

  3. It's a pretty big responsibility. It scares me sometimes, but then I remember that I have the Lord on my side, and when I have that I can do pretty much anything!

  4. That is such a good way to look at things. I think that you are such a great example. You are a beautiful singer and a wonderful teacher.

  5. I could almost say DIDO to all that has been said. I think we have have pretty good genes, we came from a LONG line of love and knowledge! I only hope that I can be the great "music teacher" to my kids that they need. It is nice to have a great husband to help me and also to have grandparents all around to help guide us and love us even when we're off key!! Thanks for being my inspiration!


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