Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Thankful For...

Today, I am thankful for simple pleasures that make me so happy.   Each day, I thank Heavenly Father for His Son, my family, my husband, my children and grandchildren, the Gospel, my freedom and our beautiful country.

But, today, it's the simple pleasures that I am grateful for - like turning our clocks back - I really don't like daylight savings, I think we should leave Mother Nature alone!  I'm thankful for sweet kisses as my husband goes off to work and having my fingers kissed by Cole (the dog) every morning when he wants out, ( he appreciates me).  I am thankful for yogurt with honey drizzled on top.  I'm thankful for music - it can take me anywhere I want to go!  I am thankful for pumpkin scented candles, lavender scented dishsoap, cherry blossom hand lotion and lemon verbena scented toilet cleaner!  I'm thankful for sunny days when the sun shines in and makes it warm and toasty in the morning.    Finally, I'm grateful for all of you that read my blog and are willing to let me ramble on about things I am thankful for!!

Have a blessed Monday, Love Barb

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