Monday, September 14, 2009

Lessons in Life

Yesterday, it was so windy and Averi, who loves the wind, wanted to go outside to play in it. And I learned a valuable lesson about the things that I so often take for granted!

When I look outside, when the wind is blowing, I see leaves blowing out of my trees for me to rake up and dust blowing into my house for me to clean up. Averi, hears the wind blowing through the trees and gets so excited to feel it on her face and blowing through her hair. . .

She jumps and sings - then stops and listens for the change in direction. She finds such joy in things that I think are an inconvenience.

As I am striving for more simplicity in my life, it seems I have overlooked one of the most important principles of simplicity - - - Stop and Smell the Roses - - - or in this case the wind! Next time the wind blows - stop - close your eyes - listen and feel, and don't ever take for granted the beauty that surrounds us - the beauty that we can see.

Whisper in the Wind

I hear it calling me,
In the middle of the night.
A whisper at my window,
Beckoning me to frolic,
In the cool summer breeze.

It blows gently through my hair,
As I dance across,
The soft green grass,
The wind tickles my feet,
And, at that moment,
I can see the wind.


  1. Wow! How true is that!? She is such an amazing little girl. Helps us learn the really important things in life.

  2. I commented on your earlier about Averi then got on your blog to show Doug and it didn't show my comment. Sorry. I love your entry about Averi. She is so sweet and can teach us so much. What a precious thing we have in our Grandchildren. Love you.

  3. Hello Barb :)

    What a precious post. Averi is so sweet. Cherishing and savoring what the Lord has created :) Thank you for blessing me :)

    I am glad that you were encouraged by my post. that is my prayer along with the Lord being glorified. I know exactly how you feel and I think we ALL deal with that at one time or another:)

    Have a glorious weekend in the Lord!



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