Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last of the Harvest . . .

Spencer, Idaho - 2006

I am so ready for Fall, but it seems like we just got Summer here! I think we have all been so busy that it just went by way too quickly. The picture above is one I took of the beautiful foliage in Spencer, a few years ago when we were there hunting - the sky was so blue, it was a gorgeous Fall day. I'll make it there again next year - I hope!

Odds and ends from the garden

It seems like just yesterday that we planted the garden - today I went out and picked the last of everything except the carrots and beets. I pulled up all of the tomato plants, zucchini, acorn squash, peppers and any other stragglers. The horses loved it! They always come running when they see me in the garden, knowing they will get a sweet treat of some kind.

Last of the tomatoes

I think I will make another batch of my Grandma Taylor's chili sauce - it is so delicious. We like to eat it with everything from home fries to hot dogs! Bob loves it with eggs. Plus, it makes your house smell so good as it cooks. It is really easy and can be made with everything in the garden. We will also eat a lot of the tomatoes just the way they are - I like them best with just salt and pepper, although a good tomato sandwich can hit the spot anytime. Last night I made homemade macaroni and cheese and put peeled tomatoes with buttered bread crumbs on top, baked it at 350 for about 30 min. and it was so good. So many things to do with a ripe tomato! I've been waiting to pick them because it has been so hot here in Idaho, and I don't like to heat up the house. Today, it's about 79 degrees outside - tomorrow the high is suppose to be 46!! But, it will be perfect weather to make chili sauce!!

Acorn squash

I love acorn squash! I love to bake it with butter and brown sugar - heaven! It will keep pretty good in the garage or downstairs - probably until about December if I am careful to check it and make sure it is cool enough. If it's in the garage, I need to make sure it's not too cold.

We are almost finished with the basement - we had a few delays, but it will get done! I had some minor surgery on the 21st, that was a setback - but I'm healing and will be back to myself in no time!

Autumn Blessings to all , Barb


  1. Hey gorgeous. How are the eyes? I have also been out in the garden most of the day. I picked everything but the beets and carrots. I figure they will be fine till we get back from Oregon. I am going to post some pictures of my monster cabbage, I also got some huge onions this year. I found a good recipe for canned carrots I might try. Will you send me the chili sauce recipe? I thought I had it but I can't find it. Love your blog and I love you.

  2. That all looks so yummy! I love this time of year, too.


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