Monday, August 10, 2009

Time for a haircut!

Today I am getting my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed, and I am so happy about it! Sometimes it just makes you feel like a new person - you know what I mean? I don't know why us girls put ourselves through that kind of torture! Yikes!!

I want to get a lot done today - so much to do, so little time! My basement needs to have some attention, sheets need to changed and washed, meals need to be planned and groceries bought, I have to go visiting teaching at 3:00 til' at least 5:00, garden needs to be tended to - I can't forget to put my "soap" in there somewhere, what would my day be like without "Days"!? It seems like there is just not enough time in the day

This week my plan is to make a schedule and stick to it - Flylady here I come! I am also hoping that someone will have some good ideas for meal plans, maybe some good recipes or just some ideas for simple meals. Does anyone else have this problem?

As a side note - as I was coming home from the beauty shop, there was the most beautiful chicken crossing the road and it made me stop and think, "Why does the chicken cross the road?" The answer of course is, "To get to the other side." Kind of like our life - why do we do the things we do here on earth? To get to the other side. We are just like chickens! Now if we only knew which came first, the chicken or the egg. Cluck Cluck! Have a great day!

Love, Barb


  1. I am excited to be the first one to make a comment! I love coming to your blog because I got my love for music from my Mom. I could sit and listen to the music all day! How did the hair turn out, I would say post pictures but I know you won't. hahah. And when you say you love sloppy kisses are you refering to Coal or Dad. :) Ha Ha!


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