Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I remember . . .

Averi, making music

Isn't it a beautiful day - I can really feel Fall in the air. As I was shopping today, it brought back so many good memories to see all of the school supplies lining the isles of the store. Children with new haircuts and new school shoes, the smell of the coloring crayons and paper. Such fun times.

We never had a lot of money to buy too many new school clothes, but it seems like we always had enough to get that one special outfit for the first day of school and everyone was happy. Those days pass by way too quickly. Moms, make the most of them - it will only happen once.

Just wanted to share some cute pics of my grandkids - I don't know why Averi's is on top?! I'll figure this thing eventually! Some of the dates at the bottom of the pictures are not right, so ignore the date!

Emily waiting patiently for cake!

Taylor Jo - they all wanted her attention!

Christian, what a handsome young man!

Caleb, wishing he was bigger!

We can't forget Cole in his favorite pose!

I hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon.

Love, Barb

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  1. Fall is in the air and thus why we need to go CAMPING before it gets too cold!!!!! Now that our family will all be together again by next weekend...Yahoo!!


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