Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Happy Birthday Amber!!! I can't believe you are #$%#%$ years old today!!!! That makes me feel really old. Thank you for being such a sweet daughter, friend, psychiatrist and lately a Kleenex. I probably don't tell you enough how much I love you and appreciate you as a person, not just as a daughter. You truly bring me so much joy!!!

I can remember the day that you were born and how hard it was to bring you into this world! I really did ask dad to bring me home - I decided I wanted to wait to have you for a while (you were already 2 weeks late!) After 23 hours of labor, the most wonderful thing happened - I fell in love! You were absolutely beautiful! You had a head full of dark hair, the sweetest, most perfect little lips and eyelashes that looked like you already knew what mascara was - no wonder you love makeup! All I wanted to do was hold you and soak in your sweetness.

Not much has changed over the years - you are still one of the sweetest, most beautiful, caring, selfless people I know. You are wise beyond your years, and I still love to soak in your sweetness. You have dealt with and conquered trials in your short life, and come through them with flying colors every time. I'm not sure what dad and I did to deserve a daughter like you, but we are very grateful and happy to be able to call you "Daughter". You are truly my hero and I love you very much, Happy Birthday!

I wish my scanner worked so that I could scan in some of your pictures when you were a baby, but these will have to do.

Amber with the kids picking pumpkins

Amber holding Emily

Amber holding Emily, again

Nice hat Amber!

Amber holding Averi

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  1. Mom, you are most beautiful, talented, generous, kind, loving mother I could ever wish for! I am the luckiest daughter in the world. Thank you for EVERYTHING you ever do for me, I pretty much couldn't exist without your help! I LOVE YOU!


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