Sunday, August 9, 2009

But mom, everyone is doing it . . . . . . .

I have been putting off leaping into the "World of Blog" way too long - I love to keep in touch with everyone else through their blogs, but for some reason, I did not want to take the time to blog. But, watch out world - here I come!

We have had a wild summer! In April, Bob and I went to the West Coast for our 35th wedding anniversary - it was wonderful and beautiful and cold! We had a lot of fun, but we were glad to come back home.

This was the view from our room

In July, Chris decided he would leave Idaho and move to Alaska - so he and Bob headed into the wild blue yonder on July 5th. Bob went along for the ride and flew back home on the 10th. We miss Chris - but we are babysitting Cole, the dog and we do love him!


It is Averi's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERI!!!! She is our sweetheart and she is 7 years old today! We are so thankful for her and feel so blessed to have her with us!


Averi chillin' with her headphones

The garden is in full bloom and we have already been enjoying beets, onions, green beans, zucchini, carrots and hopefully soon, tomatoes. Bob really has a green thumb - he grows a beautiful garden.

We are also remodeling our basement - I'll spare you any pictures of that process - it's way tooooo messy! But hope you'll drop by to see it when it's finished!

Well, this is just a bit of what has been happening - have a great Sunday.

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