Thursday, June 17, 2010

Surgery and Remodeling . . .

No, no, I'm not doing surgery to remodel myself!!  Although, I could probably use a few new parts!  I finally scheduled my gallbladder surgery for - July 15th . . . . I know, it's a long way down the road, but I need to get prepared mentally for things like - SURGERY.  He actually told me he could have done it yesterday . . . but, I was definitely not prepared!  We are doing some remodeling in the house, so I at least wanted to get that finished before I have surgery, even though it's a pretty simple procedure.  So, he sent me home and told me to eat a very low-fat diet and take Motrin for the pain.

We are having the lighting in the house updated!!  Yesterday my electrician took out the old kitchen lighting and put in new can-lights.  What a difference it makes!  We decided we need one more, near the sink, so he will be doing that today - but it really changed the way the room looks!

Lots of holes to patch and painting to be done!

We are having new lighting put in the dining room and all the bedrooms - and yes, I am putting ceiling fans in the bedrooms.  I know, it's not the popular thing to do, but I have always marched to my own drummer :0)  and, I like ceiling fans.

After the lighting, we will start on the kitchen cabinets and countertops!  I am debating whether or not I should try to re-do my cabinets or just replace them - I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, but I do have some pretty ideas for re-doing them.  Then the flooring covering needs to be replaced!  OUCH!   This will not get done all at once!  But, slow and steady wins the race, right?

Better run, electrician will be here shortly, and I have things to get done before he arrives.  Isn't it funny how we always want to clean our house . . . before someone makes a mess in it?!

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and prayers  - love you all.



  1. That first pic is one scary pic there, Hon! ,-) But I'm glad you've got your date set. And thus, you can get your head around it, so to speak.

    Yeaaaa for renovation-type-things. Not necessarily renovation but .... changes.

    I didn't know that ceiling fans aren't a popular thing... We don't have any but next door, they have one on screened in porch and it's nice!

    Now please don't do much, before the work! Even if you do, there will probably be plenty to do, after. :-)))) That is what I have to dig into. -sighhhhhhhhhh- ,-)

    And thank you for noticing my Playing-With-Yellow in my blog colors, etc. Don't know how long it will last, before I revert back to my Pink. :-) But it is fun to play around some, in my blog. At least, it is for me.

    Gentle hugs...

  2. I love that lighting! We have fans in all of our rooms too and I LOVE it!! Hope all goes well with your surgery! We will keep you in our prayers! Love you!

  3. A new kitchen, what fun. The surgery, not so much. I don't see anything wrong with fans, but I like that you march to your own drummer. It's the only way to go. Praying for quick healing and an easy recovery for you and your kitchen. You are braver than I am about the surgery. I'm avoiding a surgery right now by trying to mange the problem. Linda

  4. Sorry type o. I meant to say manage the problem. Linda

  5. I am glad that you are going to be feeling better soon, even if that means surgery. I don't blame you for not wanting to get it done, but I know that everything will go well.
    I love the lights!! They look so nice. The fans will be so nice. I love to have air moving and the noise. Good luck with all of the re-modeling!!!
    Love, Laura

  6. Here in Australia ceiling fans in bedrooms are very common. Will be holding your hand across the miles on the day of your operation.

    Gentle hugs


  7. I agree, I love ceiling fans. We run ours in our bedroom year round. I think they look nice too. I will be glad when your surgery is over. I hope you aren't in a lot of pain until then. The lights look good already. I need to come see them. I just might have to do that in my kitchen. Love you.

  8. P.S. You looked beautiful yesterday, but then, you always do.

  9. Glad you have your surgery scheduled..that is your personal surgery. Looks like surgery on the kitchen is progressing. I love ceiling fans! Have one in my bedroom and wonder how I ever got along without it.
    The lighting looks great! Take care of yourself and don't overdo it! Nola

  10. Hey, glad to know you have a little time to mentally and physically prepare for the surgery. I'll be praying for you.

    Yea, how exciting a new kitchen and new lighting. AWESOME! We have ceiling fans in all the bedrooms and use them year round. Have a great weekend!

  11. Barb - I hate to hear you're having surgery, but I know you want relief from the gallbladder pain. I'll be thinking about you and praying for little pain and quick and successful healing for you!

    As far as ceiling fans, everybody in Texas has a ceiling fan in every single room of their house and most bathrooms! I never heard of people not having ceiling fans! Just tell "them" that THEY are the ones that are out of it. I love ceiling fans!


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