Friday, September 8, 2017

smoky skies . . . and a haircut!!

The sky is that beautiful old parchment in which the sun and the moon keep their diary
~Alfred Kreymborg~

I would love to read the sun and the moon's diary entries for the last few weeks!

I was lucky enough to get this photo of the moon the other night.  It's eerie to me, I don't like it when there are so many abnormal things happening in the world . . . I should never read, Revelations when these things are happening!  I guess what I really need to do, is make sure I am spiritually and temporally prepared.

The skies here in the western part of the country,  are so smoky, it's just downright scary!  I think Montana, Oregon, Washington and California are just burning up.  This morning it wasn't quite as bad as yesterday, but still, very smoky.  The weatherman is forecasting a few showers for today and tomorrow, let's hope he gets it right.

These photos were taken on, Labor Day, the sun is almost invisible.  Just a pink orb in the sky.  

I remember so well when Yellowstone was on fire.  The smoke was even worse than it is now, you couldn't go outside without covering your face.  I feel so sorry for all those who have lost so much to these terrible fires!  And the flooding and hurricanes, my goodness, it's just horrible.  And now the earthquake in Mexico!  I pray that all will be well.  

Not too far from where I live, there have been earthquakes, well over 150 small quakes have been counted in the last week.  Here in Idaho, we don't have to worry about hurricanes, but we do need to worry about earthquakes, we live in a very seismically active part of the country, with lots of damns that could cause catastrophic flooding . . . it's scary.  

On a happier note, I gave my sweet mother a haircut yesterday.  She is so adorable - I even got a smile out of her.  She looked so cute in her purple sweater.  She always loved that poem about wearing purple when you get old 
. . . sure do love her.

Be safe and please keep praying for all those in harms way!

Hugs and Love,



  1. The fires are bad, not to mention Washington. We have some major fires as well that were started by lightening a month back and we are still dealing with smoky skies. The fires are at zero containment. I feel so bad for the firefighters and everyone involved. When the Columbia River Gorge caught fire we were on our way home from Oregon and had no idea how devastating it became until we got home and saw the news of it blazing uncontrollably I truly believe in revelation and know we are seeing it come to pass. You did a great job on your sisters hair, she really is a cutie! Glad you were able to see the moon, ours was under a cloud of smoke.

  2. Dearest Barb,
    This morning Peyton and I were taking about the same thing.
    The hurricanes, earthquake, fires, flooding...
    It makes one stop and think.
    And pray.
    On a lighter note, your mother's hair is beautiful!
    As is she!
    Have a safe and cozy weekend, my friend. : )

  3. This morning on the news is told of how one of the fires was started by a couple of teens. Someone actually saw them throw a smoke bomb down a gorge!! She told a forest ranger, and together they chased them down! It just makes me so sad that people don't care about what their actions cause! Thanks for the sweet comment about my mom, she really is a cutie!

  4. Yes, all these sorrows do give one pause. Many prayers winging heavenward. That pink sun is so freaky...and cool... 😏

    Your mom has a cute smile and a cute haircut! I still remember the story about your grands

    1. that took off too fast! ...your grandson slamming the door on you after a haircut and his cute comment that it was grandma at the door he thought. LOL!

  5. Hehehe...that was funny, I'm glad he still loves me after seeing that horrible hair cut!!! So good to hear from you, sweet friend!

  6. Barb, your mother is just too cute! You did a good job with her haircut!! Love the pink sun but I'm sorry for the smokey skies. Stay safe. xx

  7. Barb....we did get rain this afternoon that cleared out the smoke, at least for this evening. It was nice to see the mountains, although the rain didn't do much for my clothes out hanging on the line - ha!
    The red moon at dark...eerie photo, but the pink sun photos are pretty cool. I've tried to get photos of the red sun but they always turn out white. A photographer I'm not, unless it's automatic. I need to learn how to use my camera and it's settings.
    What a sweet photo of your mom, she looks so happy. You did a great hair cut.
    Take care, my friend - Marsha

    1. Marsha, you are such a good photographer! I tried and tried to take a photo of the sun when it was brilliant red...always turned out white. So sorry about your clothes... :0\

  8. I was reading in Acts today about things that will happen in the end times. Seems like we're getting pretty close! You did a great job on your moms hair! It's beautiful!

  9. Oh my sweet friend, I love your mother's haircut and that enderaing face of hers. I do hope she is doing well.
    Yes, everything is all so scary but I feel that it is also a sign of good things to happen too. The photos are unique for the time. The pink moon is actually very pretty. I too want to be prepared temporally and spiritually. We do need our lamps filled.
    I just pray that tomorrow will be a better day and trust in Heavenly Father's plan. Sending love and hugs your way!


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