Saturday, January 21, 2017

January Snow . . .

~Tasha Tudor quote and artwork~

I love, Tasha Tudor, such a wise and wonderful woman.  I think I hibernate in the winter as well . . . just a little.

We are just getting snow storm after snow storm.  We need the snow to fill our reservoirs and lakes, and the farmers depend on it to grow those wonderful, Idaho potatoes!  It's fun to watch the snow slowly fall off the roof.  The other day, it was slowly sliding off, and then it froze!  So, there were snow curls with icicles hanging off of them.  It finally warmed up enough for them to slide all the way off today - as we await for the next round of snow.  

Poor Cole, he just hates it when the snow slides off the roof.  He always looks at me like, "help me!".  

You can see little flecks of snow on his black hair . . . he hates roof avalanches . . . 

But likes to play in the snow, on his terms!

Time to hibernate!  



  1. It is nice to see the snow covering all over. Stay safe and warm:)

  2. Oh, that snow is beautiful and I know the water is much needed, but snow is also cold, icey and hard to deal with. Stay warm! Hope you continue to feel better.

  3. Snow, snow, snow.....I hear ya! Time to hibernate reminds me of the poem 'Gonna Be a Bear'....yessiree, it's time to hibernate.

  4. I get up later in winter, too, all the way to 7 am these days. Usually, much earlier. That's quite a snow curl coming off your roof. Poor Cole may have been caught in one of those roof avalanches.

  5. I hope the pneumonia is all gone by now. That can really knock the stuffin's out of a gal, and especially when there is so much to do for the holidays!! You've got a mighty sweet doggy there to snuggle and nap with!

  6. Cole is adorable!! You can keep your snow though.. I had enough when I lived in Ohio, lol. Enjoy your week!


  7. This has been an amazing winter. I don't remember a time where there has been so many snow days.
    Last night's snow was a doozy. We almost don't have anywhere to pile it up anymore.

    Your poor puppy. He looks great against the snowy backdrop.

    Love the crazy angle of the roof snow.

  8. There are moments when I wish I could hibernate. We don't have as much snow as you do; but we do have snow. I love the photos of your snow. I think your dog is adorable! Sammy doesn't like to really play in the snow. In fact, sometimes he backs up and won't go out until he is really nudged. They do have such unique personalities.
    Loved this one dear friend! Don't hibernate from doing your posts; I love seeing what's happening in your world. Sending lots of love and hugs your way!

  9. Barb, I think Tasha Tudor would have been a kindred spirit. Love your snow pictures. My Little Bear runs and hides when the snow/ice falls off the roof!

  10. We have had little snow so far, but that's okay with me! I'm a Tasha Tudor fan, too. She was a fabulous author and writer, such a talented lady! Take care, Barb, and enjoy your day!


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