Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A cute Little Bird and a Wonderful Gift . . .

While we were in Mackay, we saw a beautiful, Mountain Bluebird.  He was so cute hopping around, looking for Mrs. Right I suppose, and he really put on a show for us.  We must attract birds!  I thought he looked too big for a Mountain Blue Bird, but we looked him up, and sure enough, that's what he is.  The Mountain Blue bird, is the Idaho State Bird.  I don't usually see them near my home, but almost always see them in the mountains.  This little guy was especially colorful. 

While we were away, I received a wonderful gift in the mail.  The amazing, Gina, had a wonderful give-a-way, and guess who won!?

 The beautiful teacup has a lovely rose right inside the rim, and the word, "dream" on the outside . . . oh my, I'm in love with it!  She made 6 handmade cards, that are so beautiful!  I have actually already used one of the cards, and the recipient just loved it!  The cards were in a cute little tin, which will come in handy for other trinkets, as I'm not a card maker.  The tea towel hangs in my kitchen with the reminder to . . . Begin each Day with a Grateful Heart.  I think of Gina when I see it each day, I'm so grateful for her friendship.  There was also a beautiful stationary set, under the tea towel, I can't wait to write a letter to someone special on it.  

 Isn't this teacup beautiful?!

This is my favorite card!

I love these fun give-a-ways that so many generous blogging buddies have, I very seldom win any of them, and I was so happy to win this one! Such a beautiful gift - Thank you, Gina!  Much love to you sweet friend!



  1. What a fun surprise to come home to, and congratulations on your win! Gina is a talented card maker, so much time and effort involved. The blue bird is beautiful, next time I'm in Idaho which will be soon as summer is nearing (my grandson's live there) I'll keep my eye out for the pretty state bird!
    Have a wonderful weekend Barb!

  2. Now one of my East Coast friends just had a Mountain Bluebird fly in. He was far from home...must find out who that was. Do you know? They sure are pretty!

    What a sweet, sweet win! Congratulations.

    1. The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen! I think she lives in Virginia? Maryland?

  3. Hi Barb, I love the Mountain Bluebird. I've seen one in our yard a few times. They usually eat and run. :) Congrats on your win! The gifts are so nice and I love the beautiful teacup. I just visited your last post and I loved your photos there. The scenery was wonderful! Have a nice Friday and weekend! Hugs, Cheryl

  4. What a beautiful bird, the color is stunning! Awe what a sweet gift from Gina! I love reading her blog too. She really gave you some lovely items :-) Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. What a kind a thoughtful gift. I also love the pictures of that beautiful little bird. i have never seen one like that before. Have a great weekend!

  6. The photos of the Mountain Blue Bird are spectacular. The color of the bird is brilliant.
    What a win; those gifts are just lovely.
    Sending loving thoughts your way dear friend and hugs too~

  7. Sweet Barb! I am so happy to see your post today. I've been ill and now on the mend I hope. My new blog is fixed up, open for comments and visitors! {{HUGS}}

  8. Barb, I have been playing catch up with your last three posts this morning. I figured you must have been away as I have been popping over all month and not seeing you. How lovely that you were able to get away for a camping trip. I love LOVE your camper! Now THAT I could handle camping in. Such beautiful scenery and those turkeys. WOW! You are so brave. Congrats on the lucky win. What a lovely prize, the cards, the tea towel, the cup... love LOVE the cup. So very pretty and the bluebird. I have never seen a real bluebird, only pictures. Love and hugs and happy week ahead wishes! xoxo


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