Monday, April 27, 2015

Treasured Moments . . .

Last week, I had a couple of my little's with me for a few hours, and we had lunch together . . . moments to treasure . . .


Happy Monday!


  1. What handsome, fun Littles!

  2. They are just so adorable. Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures; you are blessed with such precious little ones.
    Hugs for you dear friend!

  3. Sounds like we both had a wonderful week. I just got home from spending time with my little grandson. It was my daughter and her husbands anniversary so I was blessed to babysit my grandson for a few days. What a blessing.
    Just look at those blue eyes your little's have.......I'll bet those eyes are grandma weak could you resist anything they want. One look from those baby blues would have me hook, line, and sinker!

  4. How fun!! Tanner sure looks a lot like Caleb to me! I thought it was a throw back kind of picture of Caleb! Looks like they had a blast! Love you! Valerie

  5. Such gorgeous blue eyes!


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