Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oreo love. . . . .

I crocheted these little horses for Nathan and Clara for Christmas, they turned out really cute.  Nathan named his horse Oreo, and he loves him!  Who knew something so simple could make a little boy so happy?!

Who couldn't love this fancy hair-do?!

I'd make one once a week for a goofy little smile like that!

So Sweet...I love Oreo too, but I love Nathan more!

Hope you are having a wonderful, peaceful, Saturday!



  1. Oh that boy is a precious one and I love the toy you made.
    Blessings, love and hugs!

  2. This is one precious post..... Isn't it amazing how they can melt your heart? This is a gift that the two of you will remember for many, many years to come...
    Have a great weekend, Barb...

  3. Love your little horses and I can tell Nathan loves his. You are a awesome grandmother. Nola

  4. Barb, you are such a good g'mother! The crocheted horse is so cute and your g'son is just adorable with his new toy. So good to see you, hope you are having a nice weekend!

  5. Serious cute factor here!
    What a precious grandson, and it's wonderful that he loves his "oreo" so much.
    That warms my heart to see him so appreciative of your gift.
    Love the simple joy he gets from it :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend.


  6. Hi Barb, You are a creative, talented lady! Two cuties! Thanks for sharing! Hugz!

  7. Barb, that is such a sweet crochet horse. Was it terribly difficult? I think I need more practice before I attempt something like this.


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