Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you . . .

 I don't think we can ever say enough, "thank you's" to our veterans.   My father was a veteran, as well as my father-in-law; they were both in the Navy, and served during World War II.   I don't think that as a child, I recognized the significance of his serving our country.  But as I got older,  I realized what a huge sacrifice it was for him and so many others, to leave their homes and families, not knowing whether they would ever see them again.

Tom Brokaw said:

"If you were born in the second half of this century, you owe your freedom, your prosperity and perhaps your life to the selfless teens and twenty-somethings, who fought in World War II.  Their courage, followed by their sense of vision in the postwar years, changed the world.  They are and were the greatest generation that ever lived."

I feel like this generation, those of us who live today, also owe our freedom to all those men and women who serve so valiantly, so selflessly and so courageously so that we can have all of the freedoms that we  enjoy on a daily basis.  Thank you so much!

Loved this video . . . enjoy . . . and grab a tissue!  

Don't forget to pause my music . . . 


Gentle Hugs,


  1. That video was so touching!!! Sometimes I think we forget the value of a hug and how much we miss hugging the ones we love!! I am thankful for my two grandpas and the many others who sacrificed for mu freedoms!

  2. If I could see my dad right now I'd do the same thing. I miss him every day. He too was a veteran in WWII and also in the Navy. Makes me wonder if they knew each other. Dad pretty much lived his whole life in Shelley. Thank you for the beautiful post today.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the tissue. Such a beautiful and touching video. Thanks for sharing this touching reminder of the sacrifices so many families make so we can enjoy our freedoms and loved ones.

  4. Oh my goodness! The tears. And I can't find any Kleenex. Wow. Beautiful.

  5. Goodness....Wow....Thank you for sharing this touching video..
    We all have so much to be thankful for. Even with all the struggles that we feel are happening right now, this Country is Blessed! Every day should be a day to give honor to those who have served..
    Hugs Barb...

  6. Oh my, I am glad I had the Kleenex nearby! Thank you for sharing this very touching video, Barb. I am so thankful for the sacrifices the brave service men and women have made to keep our country free!! It's wonderful to see them getting back home safe and sound and to be reunited with their loved ones.

  7. Hi Barb, I love your tribute to our Veterans. The video was the best. Thankfully I had the kleenex ready. Hugz!!

  8. Oh my gosh Barb what a fantastic touching video. Thank you for sharing it and for the tears. I loved all the surprised faces when they saw their loved ones. Makes me even more proud of our Country's flag. I still haven't taken it down yet...perhaps before I go to bed.

  9. Wonderfully said! And what a beautiful video! Thank you for sharing your thoughts today!

  10. Oh wow!
    Thank you for this heart-felt post, and for the video.

    Loved this post!!


  11. Barb ~ Amen! God bless our men and women who served and are still serving our country in the military.


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