Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some late Valentine love!

I know that Valentine's Day is over, but I still wanted to share something fun!  I crocheted these cute little hearts, filled them will candy, laced a ribbon or yarn at that top, tied a bow, and gave them to my grandchildren for Valentine's Day.   They were so easy!  I made two and crocheted them together leaving a small hole in the top to put the treat in.   I thought they turned out so cute!  I found the pattern here.   I used the large heart pattern.
Have a great week-end all!



  1. These are so cute Barb, I bet they just loved them! Waiting for Spring here too, it does nothing but BLOW hard, cold wind!!! ;)

  2. So cute! I wish I'd been in the crafty line of talents at one time.

  3. They are adorable...I'm off to check out the pattern. Thanks.

  4. You are so talented....


    Gentle hugs...

    "Always keep your home presentable,
    assuming you keep a home
    for purposes of presentation."

    ~Robert Brault

  5. Your kitchen looks amazing!! Really, I'm quite jealous! You have such a spacious kitchen and the cabinets, counters, and floors look great! So good to read your blog! Love you!

  6. Darling!! Clever lady that you are! Hugz!

  7. Barb, you make the prettiest things! I bet your grands loved them. Enjoy your weekend!

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  9. Aww, they are so pretty! And what a darling little keepsake - I bet they can even hang as ornaments on the Christmas tree! That was a great idea Barb!

  10. Next time we are together you must teach me how to do a new baby crocheted blanket.I need a new pattern and I don't know how to read them but if you showed me that would be great. I just found out tonight I have a new great grandchild coming from Jacob and Dana. Fun!!
    Love and hugs!


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