Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He is here . . . and so is she!!

~Our sweet baby boy~

The baby, babies have arrived!!   Let me explain . . .

First of all, let me fill you in on a few fun facts.  My sister and I had baby daughters almost exactly one month apart.  The two girls have always been close - in fact I tease Karen (my sister), because Heather, her daughter, is so much like me, and Jessica, my daughter, is so much like her.  I think that they must have played a joke on us in Heaven, and switched parents, to see if we would noticed . . . heheheh!  Anyway, when they found out they were pregnant, they also found out that they had the same delivery date!!  So . . . today, while I was getting ready to go to the hospital, my sister called and said that Heather may be having her baby today too!  I was so excited, because that was Jessica's prayer, that they would be in the same hospital at the same time!  I got there about 10:00 a.m., and found out very quickly, that Heather and her husband were also there, getting ready to have a baby!!! 

 Jessica - feeling very scared!

Heather feeling very scared!
(Neither one will probably ever talk to me again after seeing their pictures on my blog!  But I think they are beautiful!!)

Sooooooo . . . Jessica had her sweet baby boy, 8 pounds 2 ounces . . . and 40 minutes later, Heather had her sweet baby girl . . . 7 pounds!!  Both mama's doing just fine - we are so blessed!

Our sweet baby boy is having some problems with his lungs and has to be on oxygen - very common with c-sections.  He will be fine, but mom cannot hold him for maybe up to 7 days!  Very distressing for her (and me!).  He's just beautiful!!  A round little man with lots of dark hair!  I'll post a better picture when I don't have to have a glass window in the way!

Heather's adorable baby girl is doing wonderful!  I didn't post her picture . . . that's reserved for her grandma!

Both grandma's doing just fine - very happy and very relieved!  Giving thanks to Heavenly Father for blessing us with these sweet little miracles and for watching over our girls! 

Two very happy grandmas!  
I'm the one with glasses... :0)

A great big hug and thank you to all my sweet friends who prayed and sent good wishes for me and my daughter - you are all so very precious to me.

Warm hugs,


  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU, Barb!!! Two sweet little babies - it's just wild that you and your sis and yall's two daughters are so close! That is so neat! They can celebrate birthdays and such together!

    Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way and especially for that sweet little grandson to get well quick so his mama can hold him! And grandma, of course!!! I'm so happy for you all!!!

  2. Congratlation to all the Family....Barb !!
    Prayer for the little one for healing so
    Mama can hold him.. Such awesome family you
    have truly has been made in Heaven !!!

    Warm Blessings

  3. Hi Barb, a big Congratulations to you and to your daughter as well as your sister and niece! Good timing! I know you all are so happy and it shows on your faces! Great photos of all and the new mamas, too. Here's hoping that the little fella will heal quickly so his mama can hold him, I know that must be so hard for her. Take care and keep us posted. I'm up too late again and had to check in and see if you had news and you did! Yay! Hugs, Cheryl

  4. Ooooooooomyyyyyyyyyyy! You really had me wondering there, till I read the post. :-) I wondered how they could have missed, that your daughter would have twins. :-) But that was not the case. :-)

    So happy for all involved.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs...

  5. Yay! Two babies in one day! Two mamas! Two papas! And two sisters! I love this story. What a sweet little boy grand you have there! All the best to everyone...

  6. Hi Barb....I know you are on cloud 9 right now!
    Congratulations to all of you. You had me for a moment there.

    What a wonderful event...So glad that they are all doing well...Can't wait to see the hundreds of pictures that you have taken. Love your post!

    What a Blessing....Blessings!

  7. What a wonderful post!! Made me smile for the first time today!!!

    How absolutely fabulous for everyone involved, mums dads and grandparents and a beautiful pic of the grandma's!!

    I hope all goes well with the little boy, very sad he can't be held, that must be awful for him and his mum.

  8. I love it!! This is proof the Heavenly Father loves us and answers prayers AND has a sense of humor. I think it is so cool that this happened. Both babies are so adorable!!! Can't wait to see what good friends they become! Love you!

  9. Congratulations to both families. How exciting! I'm sorry your daughter will not be able to hold her baby, but how fun for you to be able to cuddle this new little one. Does she have a "donut" that you slip around you and then you can hold the baby? We had one for my daughter when she had her c-section and the baby could rest on it. Love your pictures of the baby and the Mom's. What a great picture of you two grandmothers. And we do have the same hair cut! I hope the little guy's lungs will improve quickly. Thanks for sharing! And again congratulations! This is going to be such a fun time with these little ones! Nola

  10. That's wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos. What a great things for the moms, to have a friend giving birth too. Will continue to pray for quick recovery. Have fun. Linda

  11. I have granddaughters three months apart and I pray they will be close and it would be great for them to have babies on the same day - Congratulations!!

  12. I am so happy for you all! What an awesome post and the pictures of course are priceless.
    I have been praying for that cute baby boy; and this morning have been trying to track down Amber to give me an update. I hadn't gone in to read the blog posts so I didn't see this post until now. Silly me; it would have helped. After what the two of us have had happen in our lives; I get parnoid. Therefore, I am so grateful all is ok. We will keep those prayers going. Love to you all! LeAnn

  13. Sweet, appropriate music on your blog today! :)

    The only thing sweeter than one baby is two babies! This is just the very best of times for you...congrats and ENJOY it ALL!

  14. Aw - I just found your blog in a round-about way. But I had to write to let you know I'll be saying a little prayer for your sweet new grandson. And also to let you know that my son (who's now 31) was born 5 weeks prematurely - also by c-section. Had pneumonia when he was born, and was 10 days old when we brought him home from the hospital. But - after that, he's been FINE! It's so scary when they have problems, and they're so tiny.
    Wishing him - and all of you - the very best and I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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