Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honor Them . . .

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.
  ~Elmer Davis~

 This is a picture of my dad, he was a WWII veteran - I love you and miss you dad.

 This is my son-in-laws brother, Max.  He is currently serving in Afghanistan.  Come home safely, we love you.

 I think that we honor ourselves by
honoring our past.
~Tom Brokaw~

Today, think of all who have served, are currently serving and for those who died fighting for our freedoms.



  1. Barb what handsome Men in your Family
    Yes Prayers that our Troops Come Safe...
    Thank you Max serving your country so
    we all can enjoy our "Freedom"

    Ps Barb I fixed your last post on my Blog
    thanks for posting a comment :-)

    Blessings God Bless America...

  2. Thanks for this reminder, Barb. Your dad was quite a handsome fella. May the Lord be with Max as he serves his country overseas. Thanks, Max. We owe our freedoms to selfless young men like you.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Mom!! I admire and love both of these men!!! I love the song too. We can't wait for Max to come home, I know he does a great job though!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! These men and women do such an amazing job at keeping us safe and free, I'm so glad that we can celebrate them!

  5. i'm with you. the men and women, along with their families can never be repaid, but we can show our appreciation.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! We must never forget. All Veterans and those now serving. And not forget to thank them, for their Service.

  7. Dear Barb, you told me that you love how my pics are looking on my blog. Thank you. I don't have any "secrets," because I just potter along, trying this or that. :-)

    But I have been able to use New Editor for a while now, with just a once-in-awhile 'glitch.' Causing me to go back to Old Editor.

    When New Editor is working fine, I dooooooo like it! [After all my moaning & groaning about it, at first!] You put your picture, in your entry, where ever you click your curser last. There it goes! Then you click on the picture and a bar comes up, which gives you several choices of pic size. Something like Regular, Large, Extra-Large, and original size.

    I click on the 1st and then the 2nd and so on, and pick the one I want. I can make my pics look as BIG as I want. But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You said you lose edges of your pics, when you make them larger!

    Mmmmm, perhaps it's because you are not using a Stretch Minima Template. I always use Stretch Minima, because it has always allowed me to tweek my pics, to look BIG. Now that New Editor allows me to make 'em bigger, easier... I still use Stretch Minima.

    You are using a Template, which allows you to have a fancy Template. Those are not Stretch Minima. And perhaps, since the Template you're using, has less space for your entry to show up in, perhaps that's what's cutting off the edges of your bigger pics. Maybe????

    Do you have a blog, just for trying new looks and pics and this and that? I simply made a "Test Blog" and keep it hidden, on my Profile Page. Have its Settings set to completely Private too, so no one but me, can see it. And I "play around" in there. It's really super! You test-away, and get stuff right, and then, you put it in your regular blog. :-) If you need to do any testing, that is.

    Maybe make a Test Blog and put a Stretch Minima Template on it, and try sizing pics, with New Editor?

    Let me know how it goes, if you try doing it!

    Gentle hugs...

  8. -chuckle- Blogger told me that I was trying to send a too-long-comment. So I tried to break it up and send it, in more than one comment. Then Blogger posted the whole thing, anyway. lol.

  9. Such handsome men in your family! What an honor to have them serve for our country. Thank you!


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