Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrifty find for composting!

I don't go to the thrift store very often, but, yesterday, my sister and I decided to go to a new little consignment shop in town, called, Retail Therapy, cute name!  I found a few things that I actually needed.

My husband and I compost - so I save all of my veggie and fruit scraps.  I have been looking for something, (other than a Cool Whip container) to put scraps in, and look what I found!  What do you think about this nifty little, "scrap/compost container"?  I thought it was perfect!  You can't really see through it, which is good, and it has little mushrooms all around the bottom . . . so cute!  My sweet sis sent rhubarb home with me so I'm already putting it to good use with rhubarb ends.   The best part . . .  it was only $1.00, pretty thrifty!

( This picture was taken this spring, we really do have leaves on the trees.  And we painted the barn on Tuesday!)

I also bought paint, so I can finally paint my grandmother's bench.  I originally thought about painting it yellow, and putting a pretty stencil on the back, which I'm still going to do.   But,  I found the original color on the back of it when my husband was repairing it for me.  It was a very nice shade of light, smokey blue, so I matched it as closely as I could - can't wait to started on this project!  I think I'll put a big pot of flowers on each end . . . my grandmother would have liked that.  Yesterday was her birthday, she would have been 106 years old :o)

Have a wonderful week-end!



  1. Hi Barb, What a great thrift store find! I just love a good bargain. I haven't tried composting yet. I remember my grandmother always took her scraps such as potato peelings and just threw them on her garden. And she always had the best soil!

    Can't wait to see your barn with the new paint and your bench all prettied up. I think it's neat that you found what color the bench was originally.

    Take care,

  2. I love to go thrifting, although the time and the opportunity of late has been lacking. Tis no fun on your own, tis always so much more fun with a thrifting pal along for the ride :]
    Love your find! Adore your bench and also your rustic barn~!



  3. Good Morning Barb,
    I really like the compost jar, great find, I used to go thrifty a lot, but since being so busy, haven't taken the time. I must go soon.
    I like the fact that you decided to paint the bench near the original color, and that it is blue. Until this year blue wasn't one of my favorite colors, but for some reason I just want blue stuff more than
    i think it is also wonderful that you have such a treasure that was your grandmothers, I have several pieces, and wouldn't take anything for them.
    I know your barn is looking great too, I guess that is one of our next projects around here, maybe in the fall when it cools down. Hope your weather has finally settled down and that you are able to work in your garden, ours is steaming hot, and what we do we have to get done early in the morning.
    Well, Barb, I didn't intend for this comment to be so long. Enjoy your day.

  4. Yes Barb, I will kiss Gabriel's toes for you. :-) I don't touch baby hands at all. But until he can put his toes in his mouth, I can touch them. :-)))))

    Do I sound old fashioned? Yup, I am! Their hands go in their mouths from day one. No one but Mommy/Daddy should touch them. :-)

    "Nana Wisdom, 101"

  5. That looks like a great pot for compost. We went to a thrift store yesterday too, but didn't find anything. Smokey blue sound beautiful. Can't wait to see it. Linda

  6. Hi Barb!

    Hey, you don't have to paint the barn! It looks great just like it is! I do love your grandmother's bench and a soft blue will look great with flowers on each end. It'll really show up against your red barn. Doesn't it feel great to have something that belonged to loved ones already gone on? It connects us to them, and we can touch those things and know that their hands touched and loved those items, too. I have lots of things like that and I wouldn't take anything for them. Be sure and show us the bench when you get finished!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. How sweet, that you have your grandma's bench! And that you're going to paint it the color it used to be. I inherited a stash of my grandma's recipes when she passed away a few years ago. I have slowly been trying a few over these last couple years. It's so much fun to feel connected to her.

  8. CUTE CUTE container!!!! I am so jealous I have found alot of good things at thrift stores lately!! Can we go next week, along with all of our other tasks....haha, you wonder why you sometimes have no time??? I CAN'T WAIT to see the barn and bench!!! I know they turned out cute, things you make always do!!! I missed talking to you while I was at girl's camp, so I will call later-love ya!

  9. Your compost container is pretty! And a good idea. We have a compost too, but I almost always forget to put things aside for it...William has to remind me to do it. Perhaps if I had a pretty container it would help me remember? :)

    I hope you post a picture of your bench when you're finished painting it. I love all shades of blue, smoky blue sounds so pretty!

    Have a lovely Sunday.


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