Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leprachauns and birthdays!

March is a busy month for me ~ we have four birthdays right in a row!  Three of my grandchildren and my mother,  So happy birthday to these very special people in my life.  Christian - how I love this boy!  He will be 11 years old.  My mother, what a joy it is to have her live close to us - happy birthday mom, she will be 82 years young.  Caleb, our little leprechaun - born on St. Patrick's Day!  He will be 2 years old!  Emily Kay,  she is grandma's little punkin' , and such a big girl - she will be 4 years old!

I have always loved folk lore - I think it's interesting to see how other countries and cultures live and think.  Leprechauns, were always the little guys at the end of the rainbow with the pot of gold, until I found this story, written by a true Irishman.  This is the story his Irish mother used to tell them about Leprechauns . . . 

Leprechauns are of the wee folk or of faeries. They are shoe tailors and shodders. They are tricksters and love to play a practical joke on you. To get a leprechaun from playing tricks on you, it was important for the Irish folks to leave their shoes on the window sill with a bit of milk. This way it would distract the little rascals from playing jokes as you slept, as they were too busy and occupied with the shoes.

Leprechauns distract easily with the need to always repair a pair of shoes to their absolute best!

Now, what could be better than perfect shoes and a cold glass of milk? 



  1. Happy Birthday to ALL those family members!!!

  2. How funny! I never knew that about leperchauns. And happy birthday to all those wonderful people!!

  3. Oh, I love that. We do have some special birthdays in March. I think mom wants to go to Red Lobster for her birthday lunch. Sounds fun. Love you.

  4. What a lovely family you have Barb~!

    Hope that you are having a relaxing weekend!



  5. Thanks to everyone for commenting - I love having all of these birthdays in March! I wish it were warmer, then we could celebrate outside . . . with a BBQ!! Have a great evening all.

    Hugs, Barb

  6. Hi Barb,
    Happy birthday to all of you dear family who have birthdays this month. And they are a beautiful family too. Thank you for sharing this information. I enjoyed reading it. Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Happy March Birthdays, to your family!

    We have a couple of them too. Mine, and our first Granddaughter's. :-)

    Gentle Spring hugs...

  8. Sue - Thanks for stopping by! Birthdays are always fun, I love celebrating the lives of those I love! Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Aunt Amelia - Happy Birthday to you and to your granddaughter! So good to see you! Hugs


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