Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All for the Love of Valentine . . .

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my daughter and her two sweet children - they are so fun and of course very special to their grandma.  We had a yummy lunch at Pizza Hut and then decided to go to a consignment store to see if we could find something fun.  We no more stepped through the front door when Caleb spotted it . . . . . a Radio Flyer rocking horse . . . . the look on his face was priceless!  Now, you have to understand this little two year old, his favorite song is "Rawhide".  For those of you who can't remember or are too young to remember this song, it was the theme song to a t.v. show by the same name that was popular many, many, many, years ago.  If you want to hear it, it is number 12 on my play list, as you can see, or hear, I love old country music too.  Caleb loves horses, in the summer time, he loves to feed the horses grass and would have no qualms whatsoever about going right into the pasture with them and walking around their feet.

As I walked around the store, it was very obvious to me that we would have a hard time getting this little cowboy and his sister away from this horse.  He was glued to the saddle, rocking back and forth as fast as that horse could ride.  He looked like he had been rounding up the cattle and riding the range all his life!  He had no intention of getting off of this horse without lots of tears.  Now, I'm not the kind of grandma who just buys her grand children anything they want, I try hard not to spoil them and I'm pretty particular about what I get them. But this time, I could not leave that store without the Radio Flyer rocking horse!  I would have given anything to have my camera so that I could have captured the look on those kids faces when I told them we were taking it home.  It was a steal for $50.00, as it looked like it had been assembled brand new that morning.  I looked up the price to get this picture and they were over $150.00.  Isn't he a beauty?

Now, we thought getting it home would be easy, we'd just put him in the trunk - great idea, but it didn't fit! So we somehow crammed him into the backseat with Caleb - Emily was strattling something in the middle, with her head under my left arm and a foot just right of the steering wheel; I could just barely see the pink ribbon in her hair pocking out from under the horses foot, so I knew she was ok.  We truly, could barely shut the car door,  thank goodness we only had to drive a couple of blocks that way!  We finally got the horse in the house and after many rides around the pasture and back, it was time to name this wild horse.  Emily of course thought we should name it, "Emily", but after a lot of contemplation, we decided to name it "Valentine", because it was so close to Valentines Day.  Don't you think that is a fitting name for a wild stallion that will be very loved by a beautiful cowgirl and a handsome cowboy?  Ahhhh, time for bed.

Sweet Dreams, Barb


  1. Valentine is a very noble name for a horse as fine as he is! That is such a cute story. What sweet kiddos.

  2. That is just so cute and fun. We used to have a horse similar to that and we loved it. What cute kids and a great Grandma. Love, Laura

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! They have rode Valentine proabably more than the first owner did. I love to watch Caleb because he gets on and just yells, Yahaw, Yahaw!! Truly a grandpa's boy at heart! We love you and had SOOO much fun spending the day with you!

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  5. THat is adorable. You do have some of the cutest grandkids! What funny kids!


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