Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time to Decorate . . .

I can't believe it is already the 1st of December!  I guess I will get out the Christmas bins and sort through them.  Every year, I think that I will sort and give things to charity, but then, I can't decide what to get rid of.  Since we finished the basement, I think I will put my big tree downstairs, (because it's already downstairs, and I don't want to fight with it to get it up the stairs).  I have a set of three, small,  pre-lit trees, maybe I'll put them in the living room this year.

I have a nice assortment of really old Christmas ornaments that were my mother's,  I can remember them as a child, and I'm old!  She gave them to me, actually I asked her for them because she was throwing them out!  I even have one of those plastic santa's that you put a light in, it's really old and fun.  Most of my Christmas decorations are fairly old, I don't buy new ones very often, I'm too frugal.  But, I love the old decorations, they bring back such good memories.  I kept most all of the ornaments that my kids made in school and church, I love them!  I've seen a couple of cute ideas on some of the blogs I ponder on, so maybe I will try to make one or two new things - does anyone else feel totally overwhelmed by some of  those blogs?  I think some of them have fun, simple and really pretty ideas and I really have fun looking at them, but wow!!!  Where do they find the money and time?  And where on earth do they store them?   I guess that's another post.

My goal is to have a home that is a place you would want to be at Christmas.  A place where you would feel comfortable just stomping off your feet when you come in, not a show place that you have to take off your shoes to get through the front door, then worry if you have a hole in your sock.  I truly believe that people can get just too darn competitive with all of the lights, yard decorations and gifts.  Enough of my silly soap box.  Have a great day - happy decorating, whatever your style, I'm sure it's perfect!

Blessings, Barb


  1. I have ALWAYS loved coming home for Christmas, I love the warmth and comfort that I find in coming home! I can't wait until tomorrow, I love spending time with my mom and sister for the day, AND I know that you appreciated it at the end of the day. Thank you for taking time out of your life to be a great grandma and mother!

  2. I can't wait to see your house. I know how Jessica feels. Your house is always so warm and welcoming. Thanks for all your support. I feel like I am going crazy.


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